Sending WhatsApp Pictures in “Full Quality”: Step-By-Step Guide

sending whatsapp pictures in full quality step by step guide

WhatsApp, an IM platform owned by Meta, is steadily releasing new features and updates designed to better the app’s usability. The business has published several new features lately, such as a “search texts by date” function for the iPhone and a divided view for Android beta devices.

Status update reporting, secret newsletter, message editing on the iPhone, and other tools are also in the works. The ‘Photo quality’ function was added to the newly released additions to the WhatsApp roster. This most recent update is already out for mobile users on Android and iOS, and it’s in the works for PC users of WhatsApp.

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The “Photo Quality” Option in WhatsApp

WhatsApp’s image compression has been called out before by its users. The instant messenger, however, now allows users to exchange images in their native size and clarity.

WhatsApp accomplishes this by giving its users the option to select between “Auto,” “Best quality,” and “Data saver” when uploading media. In other words, it gives users more leeway in deciding whether to share pictures in their unaltered state or to use a data-saving compression method. A third choice labeled “Auto” is also available. If you enable this feature, whenever your device is in range of a Wi-Fi network, WhatsApp will immediately begin transmitting high-resolution pictures.

How to Share High-Quality Images on Android WhatsApp

  1. To continue, please use your Android device’s most up-to-date WhatsApp version.
  2. To access WhatsApp’s settings, open the app and press the three dots in the upper right.
  3. Click the Settings option.
    whatsapp android 3
  4. Select the Files and data option.
    whatsapp android 4
  5. Tap on Photo upload quality in the Media upload quality area.
    whatsapp android 5
  6. Next, select a grade from “Auto,” “Best quality,” or “Data saver,” depending on your needs.
    whatsapp android 6
  7. If everything looks good, select OK.

How to Share High-Quality Images on iOS WhatsApp

  1. Please update your Apple smartphone to the newest version of WhatsApp if you haven’t already.
  2. When using an iOS device, launch WhatsApp and select the gear icon in the app’s bottom-right area.
    whatsapp ios 2
  3. Click Storage and Data tab.
    whatsapp ios 3
  4. Navigate to the Media upload quality option.
    whatsapp ios 4
  5. Choose from “Auto,” “Best quality,” or “Data saver” to adjust the image resolution.
  6. After making a selection, confirm it by clicking the OK icon.


When users select their preferred preset in the ‘Media upload quality’ settings, they can ensure that their pictures are always sent in the highest possible quality. They can also choose a compressed resolution to reduce their mobile internet usage. The ‘Auto’ choice is available for those who would instead let WhatsApp choose the optimal configuration for the current situation. Having more say over the picture clarity of shared media is helpful.

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