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Salesforce and Converge ICT Improved Customer Service

Salesforce and Converge ICT Improved Customer Service

Converge ICT, a telecommunications company based in the Philippines has teamed up with Salesforce, a global platform with expertise in customer relationship management that uses cloud-based and intelligent solutions to improve customer service.

Converge ICT’s chief information officer, Ulysses Naguit, say that they want their users to have a “simplified and personalized. Experience that is most convenient to them for their social media digital interactions, which are resolve through CXP Agents supported by API-led connectivity.”

“This gives all of our systems a shared set of customer data, and our partnership with Salesforce gives us a better idea of how our customers interact with us and what they like best,” he said.

Through the partnership with Salesforce, solutions will be use that can constantly listen to customers, learn about them. And interact with them on different social media channels.

By making their customer service better, they will be able to make almost 2 million customers happy. Converge said its partnership with Salesforce would help them reach its goal of becoming a company that puts the customer first.

Improving its customer service will also help the telco grow its network of business centers and the number of people who use its services across the country.

Amit Suxena of Salesforce said businesses can keep up with the challenges of rising customer expectations by “automating processes, removing complexity, and providing data-driven insights.”


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