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How to Examine Android Battery Health


Knowing how to check Android battery status might be really useful in extending the life of a beloved Android smartphone. Replacement batteries and gadgets may be costly, so understanding how well the cell in your phone or tablet is performing is essential.

Mobile device batteries deteriorate gradually over time as you charge and discharge them. You may observe how this gradually improves by examining which applications use the most of your battery or installing specialized apps that provide more detailed information.

So, here’s how to check the health of an Android battery.

How to Examine Android Battery Health: From the Settings menu

Although some of these choices may alter in their phrasing, this approach should allow you to examine battery activity on any modern Android smartphone. However, the amount of intricacy will vary depending on who created your phone.

  1. Select Battery from the Settings app on your phone. This option should be obvious from the top tier menu, but you can also look for it by scrolling up to the search bar.
  2. If the information you’re looking for isn’t immediately obvious once you’re in the Battery section, look for an option such as Battery usage.
  3. You can see your battery status for the last 24 hours as well as which apps have used the most power.
  4. Tap one of the programs in this menu to force it to shut or disable it completely. You’ll then be able to deactivate, force halt, or select an optimization setting.Some phone brands will display you more details than the Pixel 4a 5G we utilized for this instance. For example, phones running MIUI, such as those produced by Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO, will display the current temperature of your battery.

    While this isn’t something you should do on a daily basis, any temperature below 50 degrees Celsius (approximately 122 degrees Fahrenheit) is perfectly fine.

How to Examine Android Battery Health: Using a Dial Code

Hidden diagnostic menus on Android phones may be accessed by typing sequences of digits, hashes, and asterisks into the dial pad in their Phone app.

There are lots of them that direct you to other menus, but we’ll concentrate on the one about batteries. Just don’t get too worked up if your phone doesn’t provide battery information.

  1. In the Phone app on your phone, open the dial pad. Please enter the code *#*#4636#*#*.

    When you type the last “*,” your phone should take you to the following menu.

  2. Look for Battery details now. If it does not display, you are sadly unable to use this approach. If it does, choosing it will display information such as charge level, health, and temperature.We attempted the dial code approach on Xiaomi, Google, and OnePlus handsets, but none provided the battery information we need. When the code was entered, this menu did not show on a Samsung Galaxy A52 5G. A solution is provided below.

How to Examine Android Battery Health On a Samsung Smartphone

If the dialing code did not work, Samsung provides its own battery health check through its Samsung Members app, which is pre-installed on all of its phones.

  1. Open Samsung Members and go to the bottom of the screen to the Get Help tab.
  2. Select the Interactive checks option towards the top of this new menu.
  3. Choose Battery from the list of features. Because we confirmed the step before taking the screen capture, this option is already checked on our phone, so yours may differ.
  4. You can now view how the Samsung Members app assesses the battery life of your phone.

How to Examine Android Battery Health Using App

If the techniques described above do not offer the information you want, you have a backup option in the form of third-party apps. AccuBattery by Digibites (shown below), CPU-Z by CPUID, and Battery by MacroPinch are all good choices for this purpose. These will display information such as normal battery capacity, temperature, and use.

These applications are completely free to download, however, Pro editions are available for a modest fee if you wish to remove in-app advertisements or unlock additional features.

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