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How to change flat tire and find spare in Toyota Hiace Grandia Van


Changing the flat tire of the Toyota Hiace and Hiace Grandia vans is a bit challenging because of the location of its spare tire at the bottom of the rear bumper. But this guide will show you the easiest ways and a few tricks in changing the flat tire of your Toyota van.

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Locate the tools and spare tire

  1. Hydraulic jack is located inside the step board of the sliding door (passenger side)
  2. Prying tools including wrench are located below the first-row passenger seat
  3. Loosen the bolt that holds the spare tire behind (location at the back of the last row)


How to change the flat tire

  1. Loosen the bolts of the flatten tire but do not completely remove the bolts yet
  2. Position the jack and raise it using the extendable pry wrench
  3. Completely remove the bolts and flat tire
  4. Install the spare and halfway insert the bolts
  5. Lower the jack and complete the tightening of all bolts

Putting the flat tire back to the holder

  1. Place and position the tire back at the grill holder
  2. Use the jack to gently assist the weight of the tire
  3. Position the bolt back again and start to tighten

Changing the flat tire of other Toyota SUVs like the Fortuner and Innova is easy to. Find the guide here including finding the correct tire pressure guide.


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