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Wrath of Man Review (SPOILER WARNING!)


We had the chance to witness Guy Ritchie’s vengeance-filled movie and we want to share our thoughts regarding this spectacular film. If you haven’t watched the movie yet, I would warn you that this review will contain spoilers. Better watch the film first before heading back here for our review.

With that said, let’s start!


Directed by Guy Ritchie, the man responsible for countless movies such as the two Sherlock Holmes starring Robert Downey Jr. and the infamous King Arthur: Legend of the Sword which sees the Charlie Hunnam take on the legendary king. This time, Jason Statham stars in Wrath of Man as H, a vengeful father tracking down the one who gunned down his one and only son.

The movie sends off Ritchie’s signature non-linear storytelling. As the story progress, we get to slowly piece everything out with flashbacks of the main protagonist’s life before and the culprits who we find are retired military soldiers who are looking for a quick way to earn money. It starts at a good pace, not that fast, not too slow, just the right one.

As for its action scenes, it is not rushed and at the same time, it rises up the tension. It would leave you anticipating what H’s move would be. His calm demeanor and calculating attitude leave the audience in awe, stunned, and surprised by his actions. You do not know what his next move would be and that is one of the best parts of the movie. The score also even adds pressure to the movie. As the cello would play, you know as the audience that something chilling or sinister would happen.

The story may be your typical revenge story but Guy Ritchie’s signature storytelling makes it richer (no pun intended) and fresh to the audience. The twist and turns would leave you in awe and even say to yourself, “I did not see that coming!” As the flashback unravels H’s history and the culprit’s backstories, you get to understand and weave together how they all are connected.


Wrath of Man may be one of Guy Ritchie’s latest masterpieces in storytelling but it doesn’t mean it will not have its misses. As good as the storytelling, there is no denying that at times, the story gets dragging. The slow pace is good as it builds up the tension and the story however, the movie tends to be a little bit too talkative.

There were several moments in the movie wherein they chose to let the characters for a bit, telling the audience what we need to expect from them, both from the protagonist and antagonist. However, the miss here is that they tend to do too much exposition which ruins the beauty of the movie. The characters talk too much making the movie a chore to watch.

Also, as for visual spectacle, the movie somehow lacks in that department. There were no stunning set pieces or memorable locations. As they transition from one location to the other, it feels lifeless and dull which at times makes the movie monotonous.


The movie has both good and bad qualities but the bad ones are outshined by awesome elements in Wrath of Man. As I have said, the story itself is not new to the audience but a great screenplay and the signature twists and non-linear storytelling of Guy Ritchie made it fresh to the people watching it.

Wrath of Man is an action-packed thriller movie that you might take your time watching as you digest it bit by bit and let its mystery unravel in front of you. With a few misses, we can give this movie a score of…



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