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Top Highlights of OPPO INNO Day 2020


Just for the second time, OPPO INNO Day 2020 has served us interesting and innovative products, services, and technologies from the company. This time, OPPO is doubling down on its initiative — “Technology for Mankind, Kindness for the World” — along with a “Leap into the Future” theme. However, the most exciting parts of the event were about an extending phone, an AR Glass, and OPPO’s new technology development strategy. That said, let’s check each one of them.

OPPO X 2021

OPPO X is a new concept rollable smartphone from the R&D department of the company. Unlike the Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Huawei Mate Xs, OPPO X rolls the screen inside the chassis to expand the display. Yep, instead of folding the screen, the original 6.7″ diagonal OLED screen stretches to 7.4″ with one swipe gesture on the side of the chassis.  

To achieve this incredible feat on a small device, OPPO boasts of three proprietary technologies — Roll Motor powertrain, 2-in-1 Plate, and self-developed Warp Track high-strength screen laminate. 

While the hardware is interesting, OPPO didn’t skimp out on the software. As seen from the demo, the software seamlessly adjusts together with the display. But unfortunately, that’s all we have for now. 

As revealed by the name, the OPPO X may be well announced for 2021.

OPPO AR Glass 2021

Serving as the sequel to last year’s smart eyewear, the OPPO AR Glass 2021 now features a new split-design that’s both compact and ultra-light to wear, as well as new interactive functions. 

Compared to the predecessor, the 2021 version is almost 75% lighter. There are three sensors this time around — a stereo fisheye camera, a ToF Sensor, and an RGB lens. When combined, the three allows for a number of natural interactions, including gesture-based ones, spatial localization with complete 3D spatial calculation within milliseconds, and interactions via smartphone. For now, the latter is compatible with the Find X2 Pro.


This is OPPO’s new technology development strategy to “to pursue virtuous innovation and create more excellent products.” As for what the three elements mean: the “3” stands for three underlying technologies vital to OPPO’s smart life integration — hardware, software, and services. “N” represents the company’s essential capabilities in AI, security & privacy, multimedia, and interconnectivity, while “X” is for the leading-edge and differentiated technologies. 

With the three core elements, OPPO believes that it’ll be able to create more meaningful products and services that center around people’s welfare. 

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