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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Top Tips and Tricks

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Amongst the sea of smartphone slabs, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip easily stands out with its compact body (when folded) and narrow screen (when unfolded). By bringing back the flip design of the dumbphones of yesterday, what you get today is a familiar yet new experience that makes smartphones fun to use once again. With that in mind, we share with you the top tips and tricks when using the Galaxy Z Flip.

News Ways to Take Photos and Videos


The Galaxy Z Flip reimagines the way you snap photos and record videos. Thanks to Flex Mode, you have multiple angles to play with that allows you to be more creative. When folded, you can still use the Cover Screen to take a photo by tapping the fingerprint scanner twice. You can also adjust the lens settings by double-tapping on the mini window. And when you press the volume button, you will activate the display to capture a selfie. But of course, the preview window will let you see how you look before taking a photo.

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News Ways to Multitask


Thanks to Multi-Active Window, the Galaxy Z Flip allows you to do tasks simultaneously and efficiently. Call this feature by opening the Multi-Window Tray from the right side of the display. 

By unfolding the Galaxy Z Flip like a laptop, you can use the bottom-half screen as a keyboard for composing an email or message. If you want to control your music on Spotify, among other music applications, you can do so on the Cover Screen. Just swipe left from the screen to access rewind, play, and fast forward options. You can also swipe right to access the time and weather.

New Approach to Stay Connected


One of the best features of Galaxy Z Flip is the convenience provided of its free-stop hinge. Again, leaving the phone half-open like a laptop allows it to sit firmly, making video calls hands-free. You can even answer a call even if the phone is folded. Once you swipe right on the phone icon during an incoming call, this puts the Galaxy Z Flip in Speaker Mode.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is available for P79,990 at all Samsung stores and partner retailers. You can learn more about the phone by visiting¬†Samsung’s official website.¬†

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