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Nutrihero Portable Blender Review – Fast Wireless Charging


Portable Blenders have come and circulated the market for quite some time now, a lot of them have almost the same features and just differ in design. The newest device in our review is the Nutrihero Portable Blender, a wireless, portable, and durable blender with unique features and functions. The question is can it blend?


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Starting with the unboxing, the box of the Nutrihero Portable Blender has lots of information. Inside the box, there’s a styrofoam cover, underneath the styrofoam, you’re going to see 4 parts of the products including the Instruction Manual. In the manual, you’ll see all the safety procedures on how to use the product, how to use it, how to charge it, and some Fault Solutions in case you encounter some problems while using the product.

The next thing you’ll see inside is the High Borosilicate Glass Jug, with the Main Blender base already attached. Next is the Battery which has two 1200mah power cells. Lastly, are the Magnetic Charging Dock and the Line Charger Cable.

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Design and Function

Let’s talk about the design of each component. The Nutrihero Portable Blender is a round-shaped blender with matte hard plastic material and was designed by an italian designer, Mr. Enrico Secci. It has an easy-drink cover lid so that you can drink your juice directly after blending it. There is a button at the top of the jug, and when you click it, the cover lid will open and it will reveal a small drinking pout from where you can drink from.

The middle part of the blender is the High Borosilicate Glass Jug. A thick glass material that looks durable. The jug has a twist-lid upper and lower portion so that you can detach it when putting your fruits or when you’re going to wash the machine after using it. You can put up to 350mL of food or liquid in the jug.

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The lower portion of the jug is the main blender base, it has a matte hard plastic material where the blade and the power button are located. The blade has 6 fins that rotate around 16,500 RPM and the power button is a round gray rubber. Pressing the power button two times will power up the blender or if you’re blending something that has ice on it or any hard fruits or food. Pressing and holding the button for at least 2 seconds will have a much stronger blending power, which is a nice flexible function if you want to save some battery power while on the go.

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Next is the Battery Set, which has a half-circle-shaped appearance, and it is a split-type cell with two 1200mah power capacity. It also has a matte plastic material to it that goes well with the main blender base. The bottom part of it has the magnetic suction port that is used for charging the device.

Lastly, the charging dock and the line charger cable, the dock has an unusual shape which is specifically designed to fit the whole device into it. It is also made out of matte plastic material, it has two magnetic suction ports, one at the back part, which is for the line charger cable, and one inside that fits the magnetic suction of the battery set.

The line charger cable has a cloth-like cable wire, one end is the magnetic suction that you will connect to the charging dock and the other end is a USB A port that you will connect to an adapter or USB port of a computer.


Now since the main base and the battery set are separated right out of the box, to make the blender running, you need to slide the battery set into the main base–a red and white light will blink from the power button indicating that the machine is now ready to use.

When putting fruits or liquids inside, simply twist the top lid to open up the jug and put on fruits or liquids that you desire. You can put whatever fruit or even vegetables that you want just make sure to cut them into little pieces before placing them inside. When everything is inside, just make sure to close the lid tightly to prevent spillage.

On our first try, we thought that it is not capable of blending the foods inside. However, we’ve just encountered that this machine has a motor lock feature which means that it will stop spinning when there’s a food blockage or if it encountered heavy loads of food. But by reading the manual further, we saw the instruction that says the blender should be at a 45-degree angle before turning on the device. After it grinds the foods, turning it upside down and giving it a little shake will help the machine blend your drink easily. By doing the procedures properly, it will blend the fruits and liquids very well. The blender will automatically stop after 45 seconds, indicating that the first blending process is done. If you’re not satisfied with the blend, you can just turn it on again until you reach your desired consistency.

This process is somehow a hassle but the upside is, it will prolong the life span of the machine. Well, this is just a portable blender, not a regular size one, so the blending power is limited but compared to the other portable blenders in the market, it has more power as it can grind the ice fast and easy.

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Battery and Wireless Charging

Now let’s talk about the batteries. again the battery is a split-type cell with two 1200mAh power capacity. It took about 8-10 blends before it runs out of power which is more than enough for family use and personal use.

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Charging the Nutrihero Portable blender is wireless, which is one of the unique features it has. To charge it, first, connect the magnetic suction of the cable to the magnetic suction of the charging dock and then plug the USB-A into an adapter or USB port of a computer, then place the whole blender or just the battery itself to the charging dock. A red-light will appear below the battery to indicate that it is charging.

As for the charging test, it only took 2 hours and 36 minutes to fully charge. A green light will flash below the battery indicating that it is already juiced up.


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All in all, the Nutrihero Portable Blender, for me is a unique device because you can easily carry this with you anywhere you go. It also has the power and capability like the other blenders. It is quite tricky to blend some foods though, but it gets the job done. It also has unique features like, Wireless Charging, USB Fast Charging, Detachable Battery, and Waterproof which is hard to find in other portable blenders.

If you want to try this product, the Nutrihero Portable Blender only costs, $99.99 or less than P5,000 on their website.

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