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New Zealand Will Require Facebook and Google to Pay for News

New Zealand Will Require Facebook

The government of New Zealand has stated that it intends to pass a law requiring major online digital companies like Google and Meta Platforms Inc. to pay New Zealand media companies for the local news content on their feeds. This law will be introduced as part of the government’s plan to pass the law.

In a statement released on Sunday, the Minister of Broadcasting, Willie Jackson, said that the legislation will be modeled on similar laws in Australia and Canada and that he hoped it would act as an incentive for digital platforms to reach deals with local news outlets. This information was included in the minister’s statement.


New Zealand news media, small regional and community newspapers, are battling to remain financially sustainable as more advertising moves online. News consumers must pay for it.

The new legislation will be put to the vote in parliament. It is anticipated that most lawmakers affiliated with the party now in power would vote to pass it.

In 2021, Australia passed a law that granted the federal government the authority to compel internet service providers to negotiate content supply arrangements with traditional media organizations. According to the findings of an assessment made public by the Australian government last week, it was successful in most respects.



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