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Meta Verified Launches Exclusive Waitlist for Philippines

In an effort to enhance user security and combat the rise of fraudulent accounts, Facebook and its subsidiary Instagram have introduced the eagerly awaited Meta Verified feature, now open for subscription on a waitlist basis in the Philippines.

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For a monthly fee of PHP599, users gain access to an array of exclusive benefits, including the coveted blue verification emblem displayed on their profiles, signaling the authenticity of their accounts.

With the rampant proliferation of impostor accounts on social media platforms, Meta Verified aims to provide users with an additional layer of protection, safeguarding their online presence and personal information. The subscription-based service offers more than just a prestigious badge. It also grants direct customer service assistance, ensuring prompt troubleshooting support and a seamless user experience.

Becoming Meta Verified requires applicants to meet specific criteria. Users must be at least 18 years old, possess a valid government-issued ID, and enable two-factor authentication for enhanced security. In addition, applicants must provide a selfie video that matches their profile picture, ensuring their true identity and discouraging the use of avatars or misleading images.

These strict Know Your Customer (KYC) measures serve as an essential means for Meta to verify the actual individuals behind each enrolled account, prioritizing authenticity over anonymity. Successful applicants will not only receive confirmation of their Meta Verified status. Still, they will also have the distinct blue verification symbol prominently displayed on their profiles, marking their inclusion among the community of verified users.

How to Join Meta Verified Waitlist?

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To join the Meta Verified waitlist, users can search for ‘Meta Verified’ on Facebook or Instagram and click the “Join Waiting List” button. By doing so, they will receive notifications when the feature becomes available in the Philippines.

With that, Facebook aims to create a safer and more secure social media environment, empowering Filipino users to confidently engage with others while minimizing the risk of falling victim to fraudulent activities.


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