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Leaked Screenshots of Android 12 hints of Major Changes and Tweaks


A series of screenshots have recently surfaced, shared by XDA Developers, and suggests that Google might be introducing to the public the new Android 12. Although as of today, there are still speculations about the pictures that were shown, we can say that these seem legit. The screenshots showcase the new UI as well as updated security features for Android 12.

One notable change is the notifications panel UI. Instead of having the transparent one, it is replaced with an opaque/beige color. Although, the overall theme of the phone might affect this and we can see for sure that Dark Mode is not activated. The Quick Settings tiles were also changed from having six it was lessened to four. The date and time changed its position from top-right to top-left and was replaced by a new privacy indicator. Also, the “Conversation” notification is still separated from other notifications.

Another feature that we noticed is the new privacy settings. In the Android 12, it will now show on the top-right corner of your phone or any apps are using your microphone and camera. Tapping on the icon will show immediately on which app is currently using the mic and camera. Although this feature has been in use for the past two years, it is good to see that we can get to actually see it on screen.

We also get to have a revamped “Privacy” setting for Android 12. This time, you can change the settings in disabling your camera, microphone, and even location access. The user can use this on the Quick Settings tile if the Developer Options is enabled in the Privacy Settings.

The final change that XDA Developer found in the widget section. This time, the user can identify in the “Conversations” widget on what are the recent messages received, missed calls, or recent activities. The widget can only accommodate one notification at a time, so you will only have to see one message/call/activity.

According to the acquired document by XDA Developer, Google is planning to mandate that the new privacy indicators especially the mi and camera icons be visible every time these features are in use and it should have the same color throughout every ecosystem. Although there are still unclear or no further information on what the other changes the Android 12 would have.

With these new features for the upcoming Android 12, this would certainly poke anyone’s interest especially tech-geeks on which UI is better and which ones they prefer. Hopefully, we can get an official confirmation from Google on what are the actual changes they made for the next generation of Android.

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