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Japan’s New Testing Kit Needs 10 Mins Only to Confirm Coronavirus

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While the world is in a race to find a vaccine for the newest coronavirus (COVID-19), countries are also in a race to provide testing kits that will allow health workers to identify whether or not a person is COVID-19 positive. While most countries, including the Philippines, require several hours, and sometimes, days, just to check a person for coronavirus, Japanese researches have developed a new testing kit that requires 10 minutes only. 

(Photo courtesy of Canon Medical Systems)

Teaming up with Canon Medical Systems and the National Institute of Infectious Diseases, Nagasaki University’s new testing kit is now undergoing clinical trials in the Nagasaki Prefecture. The device even confirmed the first coronavirus infection in the location. Speaking of, the main device which is a portable tool only weighs 2.4kg and is no bigger than a 7″ tablet. All it requires is a swab from the patient’s nose, throat, or any genetic material which traces of the virus may have scattered. Once collected, the tool will use a fluorescent dye to illuminate the infection. All that within 10 minutes. However, a longer test that can take up to 40 minutes will reveal a more accurate level of detection. Right now, the new testing kit is being planned to be distributed to several university hospitals, as well as medical institutions. With that said, the next question now is who should get tested? 

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  1. The Department of Health should consider now the off-the-box test kits and procedure as the government’s first line of testing process to eliminate the possibility of sending home asymptomatic COVID 19 positive PUMs or PUIs. The confirmatory test will still be conducted using the Golden Standard referred to by Sec. Duque.

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