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In the Works: The Final Ronin Video Game

Polygon says a video game based on the popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles graphic book The Last Ronin is being developed.

Polygon got the scoop from a conversation with Doug Rosen, Paramount Global’s executive vice president for games and emerging media. Rosen claims that The Last Ronin will be a role-playing action game with a Norse motif, similar to the God of War games. The game’s tone will be severe, in keeping with the tale it’s based on. No one knows who made the game, and it won’t be out for years.

tmnt graphic novel the last ronin is becoming a video game - polygon

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In 2020, IDW released a five-issue miniseries titled The Last Ronin. Three of the four turtles have been slain, and the action takes place in a foreboding New York City of the future. The identity of the lone survivor turtle reveals after the first issue (spoiler alert!). He immediately dons a black helmet and sets out on a mission of vengeance, battling crime with the help of his brothers’ weaponry.

If you have yet to read the tale, you’re missing out, but we’re looking forward to the video game adaptation. In the same conversation, Rosen also says that Paramount is interested in developing TMNT titles for kids and adults.

With the release of the popular beat ’em up Shredder’s Revenge last year, the nostalgic Cowabunga Collection, a Shredder-themed Call of Duty pack, and a new animated feature hitting cinemas this August, the Turtles are experiencing something of a revival.

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