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How To Use Pixel Magic Eraser on iPhone


The smartphone markets of Google and Apple, two of the world’s largest technology companies, are fiercely competitive. Both have won praise for the fascinating capabilities of their mobile devices and operating systems. However, the miracle eraser on the Google Pixel is one of the few Google functions that work across devices. Originally only accessible on the most recent Pixel smartphones, the function is now available on Android and Apple iPhone devices. With the latest upgrade, iPhone users can use Pixel Magic Eraser with a Google One subscription.

pixel magic eraser

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This new version is excellent for iPhone owners because it lets them quickly and easily remove clutter from their pictures. Google also provides several other AI-based editing tools that significantly add to the Photos experience, including HDR video and exclusive automated filter recommendations. Free delivery on all purchases in the United States and Canada is just one of the benefits of upgrading to Google One.

Updates to Google Photos on the iPhone

  • Free Shipping for Print Orders: Users in the US, Canada, the EU, and the UK can buy prints of their best moments at no additional cost for shipping.
  • Exclusive Collage Editor: The Collage editor now includes the option to apply a filter to a single picture and a wide variety of new designs.
  • Magic Eraser tool: It’s a helpful AI function that can eliminate clutter.
  • HDR Video Effects: The HDR effect on video evens out the black foregrounds and brings out more of the background’s finer features.

How To Use Pixel Magic Eraser

Ready to use the Magic Eraser to get rid of those pesky photobombers? Please refer to the instructions below to quickly and easily delete items from your iPhone. Be confident that the most recent version of the Google Photos software for iPhone and a Google One subscription is in place.

  1. Bring up a picture in Google Photos that you’d like to edit.
  2. When Magic Eraser detects a diversion, it will give you the option to either erase it or hide it from view. (Remember that you can even encircle or brush the distractions manually.)
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  3. By selecting Erase, the picture will become cleaner and more focused on the subject.
  4. That settles it! There are no more photobombers in your photos.

iPhone’s HDR Videos function is available alongside Magic Erase, and the light background will contrast with the black foregrounds and highlight more details. It’s another great Google Photos tool that you will want to be with on your iPhone.

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