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How to Use Discord to Watch Movies with Friends


Discord is a free chat application that is widely popular in the gaming community. However, discord is not only just for gamers since there are features that fit some friends’ activities like watching movies. Today we will be teaching you how to stream Netflix shows or other streaming platforms on Discord.

Add Browser or Netflix App as a Game 

If you tried this before, you know that if you stream Netflix via the share screen in discord, viewers only see a black screen but they can hear the show’s audio. So in order for it to work, first you have to add the Browser of the Netflix App as a Game on discord.

If you are currently online, click the gear wheel icon beside the mute and deafen icon.

Inside the settings, find and click “Registered Games” under “Activity Settings”.

Click the “Add it” under the No game detected to reveal a drop-down menu for adding applications.

Click the browser that you want to use as your streaming platform. Take note, the browser must be opened in the background in order for it shows up on the drop-down list.

Once the browser was added, it will show that you are “Now Playing” that specific browser.

Next, head to your browser settings on the top-right corner of the windows, and select “Settings”

Go to “System”

Go to the System section and turn off the “Use hardware acceleration when available” then restart the browser. Once all of those are finished, open Netflix on your Browser then play any movie that you want to stream.

The Screen Share settings window will pop up. The app automatically chooses 720p resolution, along with a 30-frames-per-second frame rate. If you are a Discord Nitro user, you can go up to 60FPS and 1080P resolution.

After setting up the stream quality, just go ahead and press “Go Live”

With this, you and your friends no matter where they are can now watch Netflix together.


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