How to Turn Off iPhone Lock to End Call Feature

how to turn off iphone lock to end call

The iPhone’s Side button automatically ends active calls. Disconnecting a call by accident because you pressed the Lock key is frustrating. In iOS, you may disable button-based call termination to fix the issue. Read on to learn why pressing the iPhone’s Power button disconnects a call.

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Many individuals find it convenient to end calls by pressing the Power button. However, this might be an issue for people continually hitting the button inadvertently, resulting in dropped calls that were not meant to be cut off. Disable Lock to End Call in the phone’s settings to prevent this.

Disable iPhone’s Lock-to-End-Call (iOS 16, 15, 14)

In the iPhone’s Accessibility settings, you may disable the Power button’s ability to stop calls. How to do it:

Launch iPhone’s Settings Application
first 6
Select Accessibility from the drop-down menu.

second 6

Tap the Touch button.

third 6

To disable Lock to End Call, proceed to the next screen.

fourth 4

Now we’re done. To prevent accidental call termination, Apple has changed the functionality of the iPhone’s Side button, and the ringer volume will be turned down instead.

Stops Calls When “Lock to End Call” Is Turned Off

The Side button on an iPhone may be used to reject or end calls. When “Lock to End Call” is turned off, locking the screen during an active call will only silence the incoming Call or prevent the screen from displaying the lock screen.

Then, to turn it on hit the volume down and power buttons simultaneously (the same combo used to bring up the power menu). When you press it, your current Call will cease, and all new calls will be ignored.