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How to turn off “FIND MY IPHONE” with and without Apple ID

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To develop a reliable and safe ecosystem, Apple has continuously added new and interesting features to iOS devices. There is no doubt that over the last few years, Find My iPhone has been a very important feature of these devices. Since the feature is so important and helpful, Apple has even expanded the functionality to include other devices.

In terms of effectiveness, it is quite useful since it allows you to track your device in case it becomes lost or stolen. The feature can, however, be disabled by the user for any reason in certain situations. I’m assuming you are thinking of restoring your device, so it feels fresh and brand-new, or maybe you are planning on selling the phone and removing all your data. You will need to know the Apple ID password to shut off Find My iPhone, as you will not be able to do it through the settings. 

However, there is something that you can do if you forget your Apple ID password. Is it possible to turn off Find My iPhone without a password? In other words, would it be possible to turn off Find My iPhone without an Apple ID? The following article includes three innovative methods that can be used to overcome this limitation and help you achieve your goals.

As we continue, we’ll move on to the different methods you can use to turn off Find My iPhone without a password. It’s also important to note that the process can also be used to turn off Find My iPad without a password.

Disable “Find my iPhone” Easily

Under normal conditions, you can use some of the steps in this method as a guide. It teaches you how to turn off Find My iPhone with and without any passwords or other complicated procedures.

You might already know that the “Find My iPhone” will not allow you to reset your device unless you have access to your Apple ID password. The process may take more effort if you’ve forgotten your Apple ID password. However, it is still possible to remove it if you’re having problems.

Let us start first on How to Turn Off Find My iPhone with Apple ID Password.

  1. In order to enable iCloud, you will need to go to Settings and tap the Apple ID (iCloud account) that is usually positioned at the top of the list of settings.
  2. Once you do that, go to Find My iPhone and toggle Turn Off Find My iPhone.
  3. You will need your Apple ID password to access this; if you do, you can disable Find My iPhone successfully.

Another method is to sign in at iCloud https://www.icloud.com/.


Enter your Apple ID and Password; you may find the “Find my iPhone” option upon entering. Afterwards, you may now click on all devices located at the top bar. All your devices will appear in the drop-down menu, select your chosen device and erase it. Once erasing the device starts, a pop-up will show at the left corner, tap on remove my account, which will be the last step in turning off Find my iPhone.

Use 4MeKey without an Apple ID password.

It is highly recommended to backup any important data before proceeding to the next steps. 

Next, disconnect your phone from the internet. Once done, open 4MeKey and connect your iPhone to the computer. Two options will appear in the 4MeKey Application, tap on “Turn Off Find My iPhone” and click on start, located at the bottom right. 4MeKey will have you read the terms and conditions. After agreeing, 4MeKey will now download resources such as the Jailbreak Tool. 


Follow the steps provided by 4MeKey on how to complete a Jailbreak through Windows. Make sure that your device is still connected throughout the process. 


Use PassFab Activation Unlocker without an Apple ID password

Firstly, you need to download and install the PassFab Activation Unlocker program on your computer before carrying out the first method. After the installation is completed, you will be able to see three distinct features on the app’s opening screen. There is no doubt that you would opt for setting up “Turn off Find My iPhone” in this particular scenario.
In the following steps, you will need to connect your iPhone through a USB cable to your computer.

In a few moments, the app will do the tedious work of bypassing your Apple ID account and turn off Find My iPhone without requiring a password. Once the connection has been established, simply click “Next”.

If you want to disable Find My iPhone without a password, you need to follow the instructions on the screen.

Upon completion of the setup process, you will be able to sign in with your Apple ID and set up your device. Click Done to exit the setup process.
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On the Internet, there are a few advanced software solutions that make it easier to follow instructions. Basically, you can disable Find My iPhone or Find My iPad without much effort. The recommended apps do not require much attention either. The process is simple and you only have to follow a few steps.
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