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How To Tell if an iPhone Lightning Cable Is Fake

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A counterfeit lightning cable might cause damage to your iPhone or iPad, so it’s essential only to use authentic Apple cables or cables certified by Apple.

Damage to your iPhone or iPad, an overheated or improperly fitting connector, a fire hazard, or even electrocution are some of the problems that may result from using a counterfeit or phony data cable.

Fake or counterfeit Apple Lightning cords have been shown to cause iPhone problems and to charge the smartphone more slowly than official Apple connectors.

How To Detect a Counterfeit Lightning Cable

Using the information provided below, you may determine whether or not a Lightning cable is genuine and suitable for your Apple device.

Learn the telltale signs of an authentic Apple cable below.

Check the Cable for Writing

Examining whether or not the cable has the words “Designed by Apple in California” is the first and most crucial step in determining whether or not the thread in question is authentic. The following wording can also be seen on the wires and is indicative of their legitimacy:

  • Design by Apple in California Assembled in China
  • Design by Apple in California Assembled in Vietnam
  • Design by Apple in California Indústria Brasileira

In many cases, counterfeit cables that carry the above language may have spelling faults or other flaws that you may readily spot if you pay attention to them. These errors can be spotted if you read the text carefully.

Verify everything, down to the font color and spelling problems. Apple’s official cables include a text printed in a very light grey that can be hard to read even in dim lighting.

Another giveaway is that the wording on an authentic Lightning cable appears roughly 7 inches from the USB plug. If the language on the line is more than 7 inches or less than 3 inches from the USB connection, it is probably a fake.

Serial Number

You should also check the serial number that is associated with the cable, as this is an additional factor that is highly significant. After the wording that says “Designed by Apple,” you will see the 12-digit serial number, a collection of letters and numbers.

Investigate the Lightning Connector for Any Abnormalities

If you know what to look for, the Lightning connection that goes inside the iPhone might be a helpful tool in recognizing a fake iPhone cable. However, this only applies if you know what to look for.

The Lightning connection seen on authentic Lightning cables manufactured by Apple is made up of a single component and has a smooth appearance. Additionally, it has soft, spherical contacts and is either gold or silver in color.

Apple cable is genuine or counterfeit

If you examine it closely, you could discover that the Lightning connects on a fake cable and is composed of more than one component. There is also the possibility that the finish may be uneven and harsh. In addition to this, the line could have connections that are squared off, and it might also have a rough surface.

Investigate the Lightning Connector’s Boot

When determining whether or not an iPhone cable is authentic, another item you should look for is the width and length of the lightning connector boot. This can be done by looking at the connection (the white part).

Tell if Apple cable is genuine or counterfeit

The width of the boot on original Apple cables is 7.7 millimeters, while the length is 12 millimeters.

Insertion Color of the Faceplate

Apple cable is genuine or counterfeit

The color of the faceplate insert of an original Apple Lightning cable is gray or metallic in appearance. On the other hand, it is almost always white or black on a false wire. If you examine the faceplate insert, you can determine if the cable is authentic or a knockoff.

USB-A-to-Lightning cables

If the cable you wish to inspect has a USB-A connector, looking at the following features will also help you determine whether or not it is genuine or counterfeit.

1. The interlocks on the USB shell of the original cables are trapezoidal and uniformly spaced from the cable’s edge.

Apple cable genuine or fake

2. The USB shell interlocks on fake cables may have correct angles and be inconsistently spaced.


The USB connections on authentic Apple cables are gold-plated. However, on counterfeit wires, they are almost always silver-plated. Original Apple cables may be identified by their gold plating.

3. The surface of the insulator for the USB connection is smooth and consistent, but the consistency of counterfeit cables may have notches and indents.

Apple Lightning Cable Is Genuine or Counterfeit

4. The surface of authentic Lightning cables’ USB ports is smooth and constant, while the surfaces of the USB shells are flat. The USB surface of a fake line may have a grainy appearance.

Apple Lightning Cable Is Genuine or Counterfeit

Learn how to spot a knockoff iPhone cord by following these steps. You can identify a fake or authentic Apple cable for your iPhone or iPad by comparing it to the information provided in this tutorial and looking for specific aspects.

If you ever have any worries about whether you are using or purchasing an authentic cable, searching for these facts in the line will help you make the proper decision and determine whether you are using or buying an original cable.


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