How to Remove Your Frequently Visited on iPhone

frequently visited on iphone

When you open a new tab in Safari on your iPhone, you see a list of websites you visit often called “Frequently Visited.”

As we all know this may worry some people about their privacy. Well, personally, I choose to hide this entire list on my iPhone.

Now, if you do too, you might want to check out this article that can surely help you out!

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Remove Your Frequently Visited Sites on iPhone

  1. Start up the Safari app on your iPhone.1 2
  2. Click on the tabs icon in the bottom right corner.2 3
  3. To open a new tab, click the plus sign.4
  4. Tap and hold the website you want to get rid of in the “Frequently Visited” list.
  5. Press the Delete key.

For every other site you want to get rid of, do the same thing. Easy, right?

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Another tip is to just simply hide your Frequently Visited section!

  1. Just visit your Safari app again
  2. It’s easy to change the Start Page. Just scroll down and tap the Edit button.a
  3. Turn off the choice that says “Frequently Visited.” (This is also where you can change things like Favorites, Shared with You, Siri Suggestions, and more.)b

That’s it! Simple and easy. Take charge of your browsing experience on your iPhone. Remember to enjoy a browsing experience that suits you best. Happy surfing!

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