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Here’s What Apple May Unveil at the September iPhone 14 Event

Apple May Unveil at the September iPhone 14 Event

September is almost here if you’ve spent the entire year coping with a worn-out, dying iPhone. precisely seven.

Yes, Apple has scheduled its keynote iPhone event for early September, which means it’s about time for the corporation to reveal a slew of new items, the most important of which will be this year’s new iPhone models. Let’s take a moment to review what Apple will probably unveil next month because the rumor mill has been abuzz about the eagerly awaited iPhone 14 series as usual.

RIP iPhone mini

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg has long been relied upon by the IT community for reliable iPhone leaks; in 2022, this tradition has not changed. Gurman offers a useful guide for what to anticipate from the iPhone 14 series, and it’s possible that this year’s largest change is a revision to Apple’s phone sizing conventions.

Similar to previous year, Apple is anticipate to release four new iPhone models this year. But without the sub-6-inch tiny model we adored. Instead, there will be two 6.1-inch and two 6.7-inch models, with one of each size for the normal iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Pro lines. We anticipate it will play out as follows:

That does really imply that an iPhone 14 Max with a mammoth 6.7-inch screen and no Pro-level pricing point is possible. You must be anticipating this.

A hole-punched front-facing camera will replace the despised notch on the iPhone 14 Pro models, claims Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. The Face ID sensors for the iPhone 14 Pro are rumore to be house in a brand-new pill-shaped cutout on the Pro models, according to Gurman.

You might be wondering why anyone would spend money on a 14 Pro when the 14 Max is available. That’s because, in accordance with Gurman and Kuo, the iPhone 14 Pro will include a 48-megapixel main rear lens, a significant improvement over the 12-megapixel lens rumored to be present on the iPhone 14. Additionally, it will include Apple’s brand-new A16 processor inside, whereas the A15 processor from the previous year will power the non-Pro iPhone 14 versions. The more expensive models will, of course, also include the standard Pro enhancements, such as a telephoto lens and an enhanced battery.

Gurman predicts that design modifications will be largely in line with the iPhone 13. A new notch replacement may be available for Pro phones, but other than that, a more significant overhaul might not be possible until 2023.

We won’t know the actual price of these phones until Apple informs us on September 7; however, Kuo predicted that the price of the iPhone 14 Pro would rise in August.

The Apple Watch could become “Pro.”

Gurman is a trustworthy source for information on the Apple Watch Series 8, which is the second new product we anticipate seeing at the September 7 Apple event. Gurman outline the three new iterations of the Apple Watch that he believes will be unveile at the event in a July edition of his “Power On” newsletter.

In the beginning, we might see a standard Apple Watch Series 8 in 41mm and 45mm sizes with a new S8 chip guiding its performance and, as Kuo also claimed, a body temperature sensor to add even more health tracking capability, including particular features for women’s health.

Possibly replacing the existing SE model, there will also be a new Apple Watch SE. The SE will probably come with the new S8 chip for better performance, although Gurman claims that it won’t have a body temperature sensor.

The third Apple Watch model, which we can essentially refer to as Apple Watch “Pro” for the time being, is the one that’s truly fascinating. This watch would have a larger display and a titanium case because it is specifically design for outdoor enthusiasts who require a robust watch that can manage more health assessment parameters. The newsletter also mentioned enhancements to tracking for walks and swims as well as battery life.

Most reports point to this event being exclusively for the iPhone and Apple Watch because Apple has recently been holding an event later in the fall for iPads and Macs.


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