Apple Pencil 3 to Feature Squeeze Functionality

apple pencil 3 to feature squeeze functionality


Rumors are swirling about a potential big reveal from Apple in early May, and it’s not just about new iPads. Speculation suggests that alongside the tablets, Apple might unveil a new version of its Apple Pencil – the Apple Pencil 3.


According to insights from the iPadOS 17.5 developer beta, the Apple Pencil 3 could introduce a handy “squeeze” feature. This feature could allow users to easily add images, signatures, or text boxes to their notes or drawings with a simple gesture, marking a significant upgrade from the current Apple Pencil 2.

Additionally, hints in the recent Find My app update hint at support for pairing with unreleased hardware, potentially indicating compatibility with the rumored Apple Pencil 3. Furthermore, the introduction of a new PencilKit API in iPadOS 17.4 suggests that developers are gearing up to make their apps even more Pencil-friendly, though specifics remain scarce.

apple pencil 3

Reports from Bloomberg further fuel these rumors, suggesting that Apple might host a major iPad launch event in early May, where the Apple Pencil 3 and a redesigned Magic Keyboard could also make an appearance. The new Magic Keyboard could offer enhanced functionality, providing a more laptop-like experience for users who rely on their iPads for work.

In addition to potential updates to accessories, speculation also abounds regarding the specifications of the new iPads themselves. The iPad Pro, for instance, might undergo a sleek redesign featuring an OLED display and a powerful M3 chip, promising significant performance enhancements. Meanwhile, the iPad Air may maintain its current design but receive an upgrade to the M2 chip.

With anticipation building, it’s evident that Apple’s upcoming iPad lineup could bring some exciting new features. Are you eagerly awaiting the official reveal in May?