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Apple iPhone Pricelist in the Philippines – iPhone 12 Starts at Php43,990


Remember when we wrote an article about not buying an iPhone right now? Well, today is the day you can buy a “new” phone from Apple. With the introduction of the iPhone 12 Series on the market, though the price and availability have yet to be revealed in the Philippines, you can get the following iPhones at their newest price points. While it may look like you’re rocking an older iPhone, that doesn’t mean they’re not good phones anymore. Apple devices have a relatively long life span and buying what’s great last year still means buying a great phone today. 

iPhone XR – Php31,990 to Php34,990

range of iPhone XR colors

We’re honestly surprised to see iPhone XR still available for purchase as we expected it to be replaced by iPhone 11. Having it posted on the Apple website only means that a less expensive iPhone can be purchased.

The XR has the same 6.1″ screen size as the iPhone 11. The A12 Bionic chipset is still powerful and efficient thanks to its 7nm process node. It may have started with iOS 12, but it’s now rocking iOS 14. As for the cameras, there’s a single 12MP on the back and 7MP upfront. Do take note that you’ll be missing out on an ultrawide lens if you decide to go with this phone. When it was released, iPhone XR has one of the best battery life in an iPhone, so expect long screen time with a brand new one. 

Available in purple, red, green, white, yellow, and black, iPhone XR starts at Php31,990 for the 64GB and Php40,990 for the 128GB.

iPhone 11 – Php37,990 to Php46,990

With the iPhone 11, you’re getting longer battery life and an ultrawide camera on the back. The phone experience is pretty much the same, but the iPhone 11 gets a bump from 3GB to 4GB RAM. The same goes for the 12MP selfie camera. As for the battery, Apple claims that the 11 can last an hour longer than the XR. 

The same group of colors is available here, with the 64GB model starting at Php37,990. The 128GB and 256GB are priced at Php40,990 and Php46,990, respectively. 

iPhone SE 2nd Gen – Php26,490 to Php35,490

Looking at the iPhone SE 2nd gen then, it was a good buy for those who just want to get into the Apple ecosystem as cheap as possible. But now that the iPhone 12 has introduced a new design, it’s kinda hard to recommend the old-looking iPhone SE despite its powerful chipset. But then again, it’s still the least expensive way to own a new iPhone in 2020.

iPhone SE 2020 comes in white, black, and red colors with a starting price of Php26,490 for the 64GB, Php29,490 for the 128GB, and Php35,940 for the 256GGB.  

iPhone 12 Mini – Php47,990* and iPhone 12 –  Php53,990*

iPhone 12 Mini – Php 43,990 and iPhone 12 – Php49,990

In an interesting turn of events, the iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 are less expensive than we’ve expected. The base model only retails for Php43,990, with the 128GB model for Php46,990. As for the 256GB model, it’ll set you back at Php52,990.

For the iPhone 12, the starting capacity is also 64GB. The 128GB costs Php52,990, with the 256GB at Php58,990.


iPhone 12 Pro –  Php67,990* and iPhone 12 Pro Max – Php73,990*

iPhone 12 Pro – 62,990 and iPhone 12 Pro Max – Php68,990

The iPhone 12 Pro with triple-cameras starts at Php62,990 and gets you 128GB storage. The 256GB and 512GB models, however, cost Php68,990 and Php80,990, respectively.

For the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the base model gets you 128GB storage. But stepping up to the 256GB and 512GB will require you to shed Php74,990 and Php86,990, respectively.

Like we mentioned earlier, the SRP of the iPhone 12 Series in the country is not yet official. However, given that the prices in the US didn’t change, we might see the same prices as when the iPhone 11 Series launched last year. This is nothing but an estimation so that you’ll have an idea of how much they’ll cost. 


*Prices matched with the original prices of the iPhone 11 Series.

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