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AI robot rivals risk losing Bing search data access from Microsoft.

Microsoft is allegedly clamping down on Bing-powered search engines using its search data to fuel AI chatbots. According to Bloomberg, Microsoft has notified two unknown search engines that if they proceed to use Bing’s search data with their AI tools, they will lose access to it. Microsoft is trying to make its search data exclusive to Bing’s chatbot, which uses OpenAI’s GPT-4 language model to answer queries, write summaries, produce code, and post on social media.

microsoft and openai extend partnership - the official microsoft blog

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Microsoft licenses Bing’s search data to DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, and You.com, but using it in AI apps violates its deal. According to sources, Microsoft may end its agreements with search engines accused of misusing the data.

It needs to clarify which search engines Bloomberg is referring to. Still, DuckDuckGo recently launched DuckAssist, which generates AI-generated summaries for specific searches, and You.com and Neeva offer AI-powered tools that generate annotated summaries and answer users’ questions. Microsoft’s restriction of Bing’s search data for AI chatbots may affect these search engines’ chatbots.

Microsoft’s crackdown emphasizes AI chatbots’ growing relevance in search engines. More firms like Google are adopting OpenAI’s ChatGPT robot, increasing the need for high-quality search data. As it tries to differentiate its chatbot in a crowded market, Microsoft’s restriction of search data may give it an edge.

It may also affect the AI business. This scenario highlights the relevance of high-quality data in AI technology development.

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