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Xiaomi’s Next TV Tipped To Use 8K Panel and Integrated 5G Modem

Mi Fullscreen TV

Xiaomi is a popular smartphone brand in the world, especially in India and the Philippines, due to its aggressively priced devices. However, that’s only part of their business. In case you didn’t know, Xiaomi also makes TVs, in addition to essential items. And according to leaked info, the company’s next TV might be an 82″ 8K TV with an integrated 5G modem.

Thanks to a certification listing in China, the model number L82M6-8K got revealed to be an upcoming 82″ Mi TV with 8K resolution. Further claims include a panel from LG; however, it’s not sure whether it’s OLED or LCD. On top of that, the integrated 5G modem will allow for an uninterrupted 8K streaming experience. Though it’s still too early to talk about pricing, the 8K+5G Mi TV might not be as expensive as the transparent Mi LUX OLED that retails for CNY 49,999 or around ~P352,000 in China.

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