Work-from-home bill could become a law once President Duterte’s signature is completed

telecommuting act 2017 work from home law philippines
Telecommuting Act 2017 or Work from Home Law gives equal rights for home-based workers in the Philippines

Authored by Senators Joel Villanueva, the Work-from-home bill or Telecommuting Act 2017 is just a signature away to becoming a law after passing the Philippine Congress and the Senate.

Once signed by President Duterte, equal rights and benefits will be given to home-based workers as to the standard private employees in our current industry including, but not limited to, are the rate of pay and rest periods or holidays.

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Using a computer or any telecommunicating device, the employers have the option for a flexible working arrangement to its employees while workload and performance standards should be equal with none home-based workers.

Not only the proposed law will give meaningful work-life balance to more Filipinos, but it will also lessen the congestion the traffic in major roads and highways especially in EDSA, Metro Manila while saving in transportation costs.

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no garage no car policy edsa traffic proof of parking space act
heavy traffic in edsa, metro manila, philippines during rush hour

Telecommuting Act 2017 or Work-from-home Bill benefits but not limited to

  1. Receive rate of pay, including overtime and nighttime work, and other similar monetary benefits not lower than applicable legislation and collective agreements
  2. Have the same or equivalent workload and performance standards of the telecommuting employee
  3. Have the same access to training and career development opportunities as comparable workers at the employer’s premises and are subject to the same appraisal policies as these workers
  4. Receive appropriate training targeted at the technical equipment at their disposal and at the characteristics of this form of work organization
  5. Have the same collective rights as workers at the employer’s premises and no obstacles are placed for communicating with workers representatives


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