Why did we choose Firefox over Chrome?

firefox over chrome
Firefox over Chrome

Countless web browsers are on the internet today, and we certainly have a thing in mind when we say the internet and what platform we use to access it.


The first thing that comes to your mind is Google Chrome. Everyone loves Google Chrome because it is the No.1 web browser today. Given that chrome has the best features for google apps and linking of data, storage, plugins, and much more.

But being No.1 in the rankings doesn’t mean you don’t have flaws and issues. It has come to our attention that when we use Google Chrome on a daily basis, we leave a lot of digital footprint on the browser.


Do you reckon that when we shop online and scroll on the things we like, we tend to it as Ads whenever we watch videos on Youtube or open some articles online?

It’s because Google Chrome has access to all our data and privacy. Google never admitted that but the fact that we see a pattern of things like what we usually binge on the browser and afterward we see it on our advertisements on Youtube and other websites is no coincidence.

Plus, we noticed that Chrome eats up a lot of our memory from our computers. There are a lot of factors why we tend to lag at times when we open a lot of tabs on Chrome and suddenly stopped responding.

We tried several browsers like Opera, Microsoft Edge, etc. But we ended up using Firefox.


We realized that Firefox takes a lot of steps to protect users from tracking. It comes pre-configured with advanced tracking protection, which blocks social media trackers, cross-site tracking cookies, finger printers, and other dangerous content. Firefox even eats less of our memory and we can simultaneously use the browser while editing or working.


In terms of security, Firefox is far better than Chromes tracking security. In addition to that, Firefox even has all the Google Chrome’s features like data linking, synchronizations, add-ons, plugins, and such. Both browsers are the same but Firefox just has better security for our digital footprint.


Take note that not all of us have the same shared view on how we see digital footprint and what it does to people. You can install any browser that you’d like especially when you don’t mind the internet invading your privacy, then we don’t see any point in someone switching to Firefox. After all, Chrome is still the best browser in the world.