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What Causes My Smartphone to Disconnect from WIFI Network?

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Several smartphone features may not work without an internet connection. In such a case, for Internet access, the smartphone must remain connected to a Wi-Fi network, especially when cellular data is unavailable.

That being said, it’s frustrating and even infuriating whenever your smartphone unexpectedly disconnects from your Wi-Fi network, especially if it happens again shortly after each time that you re-connect. We looked at possible reasons why you cannot maintain your Wi-Fi connection and how you can fix it.

It’s time to restart your device.

restart phone

One of the simplest and simplest solutions to some problems is simply restarting the device. In other words, before considering the other causes listed below, it is highly recommended to reboot your smartphone and see if the Wi-Fi disconnection has stopped. Depending on whether you have access to the router or access point, you may also have to restart it.

Too many people are using the wireless network at one time.

You can simultaneously connect only a certain number of wireless devices to a single access point. Performance issues and sudden disconnections are more likely to occur when too many connected devices are connected. You can force devices to disconnect with admin privileges on the Wi-Fi network. You can add or change the Wi-Fi password to prevent these devices from re-connecting to the network. If you don’t find an access point with less congestion and the same wireless network, try connecting to a different one.

The smartphone receives a weak signal, or there is no signal at all.

no network

There is a high chance that the distance between your smartphone and the access point is too wide. Improve your phone’s signal strength by moving closer to the source and preventing sudden disconnections.

Wireless networks are being affected by radio interference.

Make sure you do not use any other electronic devices. Some appliances emit electromagnetic radiation that has the potential to disrupt your internet connection, including microwave ovens and some other appliances. Try turning your network equipment off or moving your smartphone to a distance away from these appliances.

The Wi-Fi network configuration stored on your smartphone is not up-to-date.

Have you last connected to a particular Wi-Fi network some time ago? If so, when was the last time you did it? Sometimes, you may have stored configurations on your smartphone that are no longer relevant for that network. If this is the case, you may want to re-connect the Wi-Fi connection by tapping on “Forget Wi-Fi Network.” After this, you will have to re-enter your Wi-Fi Password. 

Your smartphone may be disconnected from the Internet due to the Smart Wi-Fi settings.

Even though many smart features on your phone are supposed to bring additional convenience and a better user experience, some might be cutting off your Wi-Fi automatically. Usually, several features with names like the below need to be disabled or enabled.

wi-fi preferences

  • Intelligent Wi-Fi
  • Keep Wi-Fi On During Sleep
  • Smart Network Switch
  • Turn on Wi-Fi Automatically
  • Wi-Fi Power Saving Mode
  • Wi-Fi Scanning
  • Wi-Fi Assistant

There is a possibility that some of your apps are turning off the Wi-Fi on your smartphone.

In some apps, the Wi-Fi on the phone can be enabled or disabled if given permission. To determine what apps have recently switched your Wi-Fi on or off, you should view the Wi-Fi control history on your smartphone and then configure the settings within these apps to disable their control over your Wi-Fi.

Being intentionally disconnected from the network by someone.

Users with the right knowledge can use applications or tools to force you off the network. You can contact the person in charge of the Wi-Fi network if you’re a guest Wi-Fi user and ask for an access permit. In addition, you should ask if any policies or rules apply to the network so you can abide by them and remain on the network.

In addition, especially in public places, there is a chance that you are connected to an open, general Wi-Fi hotspot (that may not have been secured) that some random hacker has already compromised. To remain safe, it is best to stay away from these hotspots.

MAC addresses seem to be changing continuously

With MAC address filtering enabled on routers and access points, for devices to receive internet access, it will be necessary to have a static and allowed MAC address. A MAC address can be considered a unique identification number for your phone. This number is associated with the network interface controller for the phone, which in this case is its built-in Wi-Fi.

When you connect to a wireless network, some smartphones have a feature that is enabled by default that randomly generates your MAC address to protect your personal information from leaking. This may prevent phones from connecting to networks with MAC address filtering in place, so if you don’t want this feature to work, disable it.

Update your smartphone if needed

download software

How often do you update the software on your phone? When was the last time you did this? Look into whether there is a newer version of the OS available for download and installation. Updating the operating system often resolves several issues related to Wi-Fi or sometimes even other problems!

You need to reset your smartphone.

factory data reset

If you are experiencing problems with your Wi-Fi, mobile data, or Bluetooth, check if your phone has the option to “reset network settings” or a similar option. You may have to perform a factory data reset rather than a software update if this sudden disconnect issue is just one of several currently affecting your phone.

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