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Vivo teases Under-Display fingerprint sensor, Works even when wet

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With edge-to-edge displays coming to more smartphones recently, the options for fingerprint placement become smaller. But with the upcoming ultrasonic under-display fingerprint sensor, it seems the future is brighter.

The upcoming Vivo smartphone, either on X11 or Vivo V7 series, is expected to feature first the under-screen or -display fingerprint sensor. It means it doesn’t need the capacitive home button or extra space on the front or back of the device as it will work through under glass and metal for certain thickness (~0.8mm).

Additionally, the sensor will detect your fingerprints even when the phone is wet, which is great for waterproof and rugged devices.

This is possible thanks to the improved Ultrasonic sensing features of Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets including the SD 630, 660, and upcoming SD 831.

As with the Chinese brand, Vivo, they’re looking to be the first to release a smartphone with the said feature beating Apple and Samsung in their own game. Hopefully, we would see this to arrive even in mid-range and low-end smartphones soon.

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