Top 5 Features of the OnePlus 6: Tips you should know

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One of the most anticipated smartphones, the OnePlus 6 just recently launched earlier this month. Apart from sporting high-end specs such as the Snapdragon 845, the device contains additional features that aids in making life easier for the user. Without further ado, here are the top 5 features of the OnePlus 6. Do note that this list was not written by order.

1.) Hide the notch area

The notch was a big hit this year ever since Apple released the notched iPhone X. A huge number of companies have started to join the trend and included the design in their latest smartphones. OnePlus 6 wasn’t an exception.

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The notch has some pros and cons. Although it does provide a larger aspect ratio, the notch hinders the user from fully viewing the screen especially during movie watching and playing games. A lot of people are for it and against it so in order to cater to the latter, OnePlus has included a feature in their latest flagship that hides the notch. Simply go to Settings and look for the Display setting. You will then find the Notch display in which you may either choose to Show the notch area or Hide the notch area.

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The user may also control which mobile applications will show the notch or not by going to App display in fullscreen underneath the Notch display setting. There are two options: Default and Fullscreen mode. The Fullscreen mode shows the notch.

2.) Navigation Gesturesambient display oneplus 6

Similar with one of the notch’s function, hiding the navigation bar enables the user to take advantage of a larger screen.

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You may activate this feature by going to Settings once again and clicking Buttons under Customization. Go to Navigation bar & gestures and pick the Navigation gestures. Using this feature may prove to be difficult at first but through time, you’ll get used to it. If you would rather use the buttons but at the same time hide the navigation bar, you may do so by choosing the Hide the navigation bar option. This option lets you decide if you want to lock the bar in place or not.

3.) Gestures Shortcuts

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Previous OnePlus devices are known to include Gestures. In the OnePlus 6, the company was able to add more shortcuts. In order to make use of this feature, go to Gestures in the Settings. There are three types of gestures in the device – Fingerprint gesture, System gestures, and Screen off gestures.

This feature enables the user to do a range of things from taking a screenshot by swiping with three fingers, controlling your music even when your device’s screen is turned off, drawing specific letters to launch various applications, and many more.

We had a lot of fun trying these gestures out and we weren’t disappointed. The only downside to this feature would be its battery consumption.

4) Ambient Display

It was previously reported that the Always-On display mode of the OnePlus 6 has been removed due to some battery concerns. No worries though, since OnePlus decided to add an ambient display to the smartphone in the most recent update. The Ambient display enables the user to look at the time and notifications without having to unlock the phone.

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You may use this feature by going to Settings and then Display. Scroll down and you’ll be able to find the Ambient display under System. Just toggle the Lift up display option to get started.

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In here, you may also write a Display message that appears whenever you lift up your device.

5) Smart Folders

Another new feature of the latest OnePlus smartphone is Smart Folders. This features automatically names your folder for you in the home screen as you’re moving them. For example, we dragged Alsphalt 8 to the Mortal Kombat X game, the device was able to detect it as Games and named it as so.

smart folders oneplus 6

This feature is automatic and the user doesn’t have to activate it.

That’s all for now.

These are not all the features available in the OnePlus 6. There is much more to explore on the device and we’re sure that the user will enjoy figuring out the other features just like we did.

The OnePlus 6 has already arrived in the Philippines via the stores Widget City and Digital Walker. The 6GB RAM + 64GB variant will be priced at Php 30,990 whereas the 8GB RAM + 128GB ROM is priced at Php 33,990.

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