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Teams Not Working on Mac? Here’s How to Fix it


Some Mac users have lately reported problems accessing the Microsoft Teams software on their MacBooks. The problem included getting stuck on the MS Teams loading screen, receiving a JavaScript error, and seeing a blank screen. All of these difficulties cause MS Teams to stop operating on your Mac.

If you are experiencing one or more of the issues listed above, we have produced a guide that you may use to resolve the problem. Continue reading to have your Teams app up and running in no time!

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Why is Teams Not Working on Mac?

Although Microsoft Teams is a fantastic program, it is not without flaws. Your Teams app may not function properly due to small issues such as a faulty internet connection or more serious issues such as wrong system settings. We’ve mentioned some of the reasons why MS Teams might not be working on your MacBook in this section:

Bad Network Connection
In-app Bugs
Cache Memory Not Cleared
System Date and Time Incorrectly Configured
Issue with Keychain Access
VPN Interference
Office Suite Not Updated
Outdated macOS

How to Fix Teams Not Working on Mac?

To begin, restart your Mac and see whether your Teams app works again. If not, you can proceed with the patches we’ve compiled for you. If you’re having trouble with your internet connection, you may also try rebooting your router.

The remedies we’ve supplied varies depending on the type of the problem you’re experiencing, so be sure to review the issues and identify which instance is most relevant to you. If none of the alternatives work for you, the Teams servers may be offline; therefore, try again later.

Force Quit Teams

You may start by Force Quitting the Teams app and then re-launching it. When you force quit Teams, the program is immediately terminated. When you restart Teams, the program executes its code from the beginning. If there was an in-app issue preventing the Teams app from opening, this may be resolved.

The following are the actions you may use to Force Quit your Teams app:

1. To open the Force Quit window, use the keyboard shortcuts Option + Command + Esc.
2. Select MS Teams from the window.
3. Select the Force Quit option.

Clear Teams Cache

The majority of consumers discovered that emptying the cache memory fixed their problem with MS Teams not working. When cache memory accumulates over time, the program has less space available to complete its usual activities. This might explain why the MS Teams software isn’t working on your MacBook.

Follow these procedures to remove the cache for your MS Teams application:

1.Exit Microsoft Teams.
2. Launch the Finder (Command + N).
3. Navigate to Applications > Utilities.


4. Click on Terminal.

5. Enter the command rm -r /Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Teams at the prompt.
6. Relaunch the Teams app.

Use the Invite Link

If you need to attend a meeting on MS Teams, you can utilize the invite link to launch the Teams application. When users used the meeting invite link to access the Teams app, they discovered that it functioned flawlessly. If you have a crucial meeting to attend, this will save you time.

Stop using VPN.

Starting the Teams application may be hampered by your VPN. When you activate your Virtual Private Network (VPN), the IP address of your Mac changes. Teams may be unavailable owing to an unexpected change in the IP address.

This problem can simply resolved by unplugging from your VPN. Simply open your VPN and look for the network disconnect option. Restart your Teams app after you’ve disconnected to see if it works again.

Clear Password from Keychain Access

Starting the Teams program may be difficult if your Microsoft credentials are kept in Keychain Access. The password manager might fail, leading the Teams program to have trouble logging you in.

To resolve this issue, you must delete your Microsoft credentials from Keychain Access. To clear your credentials from Keychain Access, follow the instructions below:

1. Launch Finder.
2. Select Applications, then Utilities.

3. Select Keychain Access.

4. Locate your Microsoft credentials, then use the control key on your keyboard to select them.
5. From the fly-out menu, select Delete.

Change Date and Time to Automatic

Any changes to the system date and time can cause issues with your Mac’s applications. The Teams server uses your system’s date and time to make changes, such as pushing updates to the application. There will be problems connecting your Mac to the Teams server if you change the date and time. This could explain why the Teams app isn’t working on your Mac.

If you have changed the system’s date and time, you must set the time zone to Automatic. Here are the steps you can take to make this change on your Macbook:

1.Open the Apple Menu and select System Preferences.
2. From the window, select Date & Time.

3. Click on the padlock in the bottom-left corner to unlock it.
4. Check the box next to Automatically set the date and time.

Reinstall the Teams App.

If the aforementioned adjustments do not assist, you may need to reinstall the Teams applications. It’s possible that an issue in the prior installation caused the Microsoft Teams app to malfunction. In this case, you must reinstall the Teams app in order for it to operate properly again.

If you want to reinstall your Teams app, do the following:

1. To open the Finder, use Command + N.
2. Navigate to Applications in the sidebar.

3. Select Microsoft Teams by right-clicking it.
4. Choose Move to Trash.

macOS should be updated.

If you haven’t loaded any macOS updates in a while, this might be the cause of the Teams app not working on your Mac. When you leave your system obsolete for an extended period of time, it will struggle to establish contact with its components, resulting in problems launching programs like Teams.

Follow these steps to effortlessly upgrade your macOS from the System Preferences window on your Mac:

1. Go to the Apple Menu and select System Preferences.
2. Choose Software Update.

3. Click Upgrade Now.

Make use of Teams Web.
The online version of the Teams application will be your final choice in this situation. Users complained that while the Teams program did not operate on Mac, the online version of the application continued to function normally. If you need to get anything done on Teams quickly, the online version of the program is your best bet.

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