Special Edition Samsung Frame TV Revealed for Disney’s 100th Anniversary

samsung frame-disney100 edition tv

Fans of Disney, you’re in for a magical treat. With the release of the new Frame-Disney100 Edition TV, Samsung and Disney are celebrating Disney’s 100th anniversary!

This 55-inch, 65-inch, or 75-inch limited-edition TV comes with more than 100 pieces of Disney-themed art and a remote that looks like Mickey Mouse.

Samsung’s Frame TV line is a collection of thin TVs that look like picture frames. The matte finish on the screen and the wall mount make the TV look like it is part of the wall. You can even put digital art on the screen to make it look like a real picture frame.

Since the Frame-Disney100 Edition TV is a special version of the Frame TV with 100 pieces of Disney art, it is called a “special edition.” You can find these works of art at the Samsung Art Store, and Disney fans can make a gallery on their TV with their favorite figures and shows. Content from Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar Animation Studios, Marvel, Lucasfilm, and National Geographic is also included with the TV.

special edition samsung frame tv

At its heart, the Frame Disney100 Edition is still an impressive 4K QLED TV with HDR 10+ and a Quantum 4K processor in a matte coating on the screen to cut down on reflections. When you turn on the TV, you’ll see a logo that says Samsung x Disney100. The TV also has platinum silver metal frames, which match Disney100’s signature color, and comes with a special Disney edition Mickey Mouse remote with a black and white design.

It has a frame rate of 120Hz and a Quantum 4K processor. It has two 40W speakers for sound.

Pricing and Availability

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The Disney100 Edition of Frame is now available to buy. Since there are only limited pieces, you shouldn’t wait too long to get one.

Here are their prices:

  • Frame-Disney100 Edition TV 55-inch for $1,699 (about PHP96,000)
  • Frame-Disney100 Edition TV 65-inch for $1,699 (about PHP124,400)
  • Frame-Disney100 Edition TV 75-inch for $1,699 (about PHP181,000)

Get yours now from Samsung’s official website!