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Smart Bro LTE Prepaid is now SURFMAX with Unlimited Data

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Smart has introduced a new internet service product to all prepaid and Smart Bro SIM, stick and wireless pocket WiFi users called the SurfMax. It replaces the old LTE Unlisurf promo keyword and subscription line (from 2200, now it is 9999).

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All prepaid and Smart Bro users can avail SurfMax starting October 31st this year until April 30 2016. We tried registering and to no avail, only the LTE50 (for example) works and after registration Smart will notify you about the SurfMax thru SMS.

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Smart promises unlimited surfing from web browsing and messaging to streaming and downloading apps from Play Store or App Store. Regarding about peer-to-peer or using torrent for file sharing to download heft movies, series and PC softwares; all telcos have already addressed the issue so you would likely be be throttled once you initiate p2p.

How to register and how much for SURFMAX

Find the code below and send it to 9999. You can also automatically register to the Surfmax promo by going to smart.com.ph/brodashboard.

Product Keyword Price Validity
SurfMax 50 SURFMAX50 P50 1 day
SurfMax 85 SURFMAX85 P85 2 days
SurfMax 200 SURFMAX200 P200 5 days
SurfMax 250 SURFMAX250 P250 7 days
SurfMax 500 SURFMAX500 P500 15 days
SurfMax 995 SURFMAX995 P995 30 days

UPDATE (October 31, 2015): New Smart SurfMax Plus for LTE signal is out

Product Description Keyword Price Validity
SurfMax 50 P50 1 day
3G All-day surfing SURFMAX50
SurfMax 299 P299 7 days
SurfMax 999 P999 30 days
Surfmax Plus 50 P50 1 day
LTE All-day surfing SURFMAXPLUS50
SurfMax Plus 299 P299 7 days
SurfMax Plus 995 P995 30 days
SURFMAX POSTPAID (Available on November 10, 2015)
Product Keyword Price Validity
SurfMax 995 SURFMAX995 P995 30 Days
SurfMax 995 Autorenew GO SURFMAX995 P995 30 Days

Some of the FAQs about SurfMax I highlighted from Smart’s page

  • You can register several SurfMax promo at the same time e.g. use SurfMax 50 on top of SurfMax 995.
  • Open to prepaid subscribers of Smart Bro and prepaid accounts.
  • SurfMax is not available for roaming, Smart has a separate internet promo for roaming users.

UPDATE (October 31, 2015) about data cap and limit on Smart SurfMax

SMART confirmed that there is an 800MB data limit, after that Smart will throttle or slow down your 4G LTE/3G HSPA speed. We are currently on talk together with some of Manila Shaker’s readers with Smart customer service regarding the actual speed once you have reached the data limit.

smart prepaid lte 4g surfmax data cap bandwidth limit

UPDATE as of November 2, 2015

We found out that Globe offers up to 1GB data for P36 a day through their create your own promo GoSakto. There is also an additional of 20SMS all text aside from the day. By comparison, the GoSakto’s 1GB consumable data is up to 4G LTE speed compared to Smart’s SurfMax with 800MB throttling limit (speed reduces once you have reached this point) and costs more at P50.

Here is how to create you own GoSakto with 1GB consumable data and 20SMS.

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  1. Sounds like more funny business from Smart. This is definitely going to make the service worse somehow, though it’s hard to imagine how much more worse it could get. Just give us fast and reliable internet, the infrastructure is in place. Why the need for throttling or limiting bandwidth?

    • I think both globe and smart throttle their network once a user gets to a specific bandwidth cap. But these days, particularly in my area in Pasay, I notice that Smart’s LTE is slower compare to Globe’s.

    • It did got worse… Seriously wtf is with the 800mb/day cap bullshit?! That amount of data doesn’t even last 3 hours for me..

      Welp, that’s the last straw smart. Goodbye.

      • Wow, I never thought, two days when I wrote that first comment that there would be an 800mb/day limit. That is just plain horrible, mean, and disrespectful to the users who continually shell out cash for some kind of reliable home/portable internet. It’s been said lots of times that and even in Congress that the Philippines internet reliability and speed is just a notch above war-torn Afghanistan in the Asian market. Yet somehow, SMART chooses to make it even worse when they dont have to. It is shitty already, why did you have to make it even shittier?

        What options do people with no huge budget for a home line have now? I continually used SMART’s LTE prepaid promos over the last year and half even though they sucked. Usually paid between 1200-1500 pesos a month. I’m not sure where to go for internet now, because I can’t afford much more than that per month.

        It would be nice if somehow (though most users, including me, don’t fit this description) any of the unused 800mb data could be rolled over into the succeeding days until the subscription ran out or continued if another SurfMax promo was registered. But of course SMART wouldn’t do something nice like that.

      • You got a point! But lets just wait for a while…. When we will be able to get a broadband from TELSTRA

      • TELSTRA.. hope you have a fair and reliable good services.. we will support telstra and to destroy globe, smart and pldt.. money business monkey business..

      • before, LTE promo had no data caps, especially when I downloaded dota 2 reborn (13.8GB). It was supposedly 3gb/day of LTE promo but it was more than that. NOW! it gets to be a shity worst than hell

  2. 800MB/day is not enough for me, especially I’m using LTE. LTE consumes large amounts of data and its very unfair to all LTE subscribers for just 800MB. 5G is fast approaching and still they put it to 800MB. IM GOING TO KILL THEM!!!!. 5G consumes 1 TERABYTE per second. But Imma report this to telco…

      • In all sincerity, I’ll tell you, “Good luck”, as this bullsh*t was endorsed by the NTC.

        Unlike in other countries, where the customer is king, here the corporations are king.

        Wanna complain about bad service? Get ready to be given the runaround.

        Here’s hoping Telstra won’t get harrased by the duopolistic cartel that is Globe/ Smart, and give us the service that we paid for (hint- Aussie style service).

        They’ll complain to the NTC about “unfair competition”. Kek.

      • yes that is right..!! smart globe and pldt your bullshit.. your all theft.. not giving the service we paid for.. why data capping? why make promos we do not like just give us the service we paid for stupid!!!

  3. Before I always woke up early dawn because my smart can throttle my 3g pocket wifi to 4g speeds and limitless when it comes to downloads and speeds. There’s no such thing as capping. Now! its shitty worst than hell when it comes to a limit of 800MB.

  4. Hi, do you know if the cap will be lifted if you subscribe again on the same day after consuming 800 MB? Or will you not be able to subscribe again until 24 hours has expired?

  5. when i try to register it says unable to process your request. keyword is invalid.
    what the heck is this all about 😐 i tried all of it…

  6. SurfMax is a smart excuse used by SMART, knowing that SMART is under PLDT where in it is offering a 1-GBps plan. They said that “to congest the traffic”?? that’s BS…the truth is that its so slow that you can’t do anything unlike the unlisurf (except web browsing), they set a limit in the newest promo to cover up the 1-GBps plan…shameless greedy barbarians…last hope is the Telstra

  7. LTE unlisurf is way better that this surfmax thing-y!! The connection is too slooooow! It takes forever to open a news article. Aside from this, the free 600mins (more) flexitime is no longer available under surfmax! How cunning #smartsurfmax!!!!!! >:<

  8. Yep sabi nila may cap, pero sinubukan kong makapagconsume ng 3-4 GB of data for a day nung isang araw, and ok pa naman ang speed nung net ko after that, I’m using a LTE 4G Pocket Wifi

  9. Hindi na maganda ang data ng Smart. may cap na din sila. kaya nga smart eh, nang gugulang sila. Wait ko na lang ang Telstra next year then goobye smart and globe!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mga bulok ang promo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. gamit ko surfmax for 4-5months na….. dimo maabot ang 800mb….. 500mb lang magamit mo…. pagong na ang net mo….

  11. The worst is, kapag nag limit ka na equivalent na xa sa no internet… every time na magtetext ung smart na limit na, takes forever na ang google.com pa lang.

  12. swtched to smart kase dati walang capping then ngaun meron na din, sa speed nman pag capped na e mas mbilis yung capped speed ni globe kesa sa smart pero parehas pdin mabagal, bulok tlaga services nila, parang useless din yung 4G/LTE kung may capped, even with 3G connection lng kayang kaya pdin mareach yung 800MB limit tsaka useless na kpag kinap sa 2G, waiting for Telstra

    • maghihintay ka sa wala, hindi nagkasundo si san miguel at telstra kaya back out na si telstra. si san miguel din di na tinuloy ung venture sa telecom kaya binenta sa smart at globe yung mga 700mhz at binalik sa gov yung iba.


  14. I’m so disappointing using SMART. My P250 is just a waste. Akala ko satisfactory ito yon pala nakakabwisit!!!! hindi nga ako maka pag work out sa Data Entry Software ko kasi ang bagal pag ma reached yong 800MB…walang kwenta talaga….hindi nakakatulong sa masa….in short..maka pera sa ,masa….

  15. Bakit yung Smart prepaid ko wala naman problema. I load SurfMax Plus 995, mabilis naman sa email and downloads, nakakadownload pa nga ako ng naruto and movies. Disiplina lang naman yan sa pag gamit ng data, syempre if you follow their rules eh di walang problema. Ang maganda nga is once consumed 800MB for a day may choices ka to load other promo. Dati Globe ako plan 499, “NAKU!” first month ok na ok. After paying 499, yan na slow, kahit browsing ang bagal tapos and the rest of the month ang babayaran ko na is 1495 kasi lumalagpas daw ako sa cap pano ako lalagpas eh surfing nga and bagal halos wala nga ako magawa sa net. Ang nakakapag taka pa, kahit di ko na magamit, yung babayaran ko di bumababa palaging 1495. So yun, buti nagchange na ako at kaya ako nakapag post dito ay dahil sa SMART.

  16. napaka bulok po ng surf max , please palitan nyo na yan ng unlimited access , wala po talagang kwenta eh . kung ganto po kayo mababawasan po yung mga gumagamit ng smart , hindi nyo po kami mauuto sa 800 mb nyo ,


    selling also lte modems,
    B315s-936 Full Admin Access,

  18. Pldt, smart and globe are all pieces of shit internet service providers in the philippines. All they care about is MONEY. What can you do with 800mb data limit for pocket wifi? My kids watches a lot of youtube videos and smartbro ultera’s 50gb limit a month can be exhausted in a matter of days! I always ended up buying boosters and my internet fees skyrocketed. Because of youtube videos my kids learned to speak english fluently but now I have to limit them and only allowed to watch 1 hour of youtube everyday. I feel pity for my kids especially when they beg me to allow them to watch more. FUCK YOU SMART! ROT IN HELL!

  19. This Surfmax thing is a total fucking downgrade. I mean, yes the pricing is still okay, but 800mb? Oh, c’mon. Think about people like me who downloads huge files for a certain educational cause. Well, I guess its the way it is. Dear Smart, please make your Data Cap to at least 1-1.5 GB ’cause this 800mb totally sucks. Bullshit is that the speed I get is only at 100-500 kbps before the whole Data is consumed. More bullshit is, it feels like I only used 300-500 of the whole data per day, then I’d recieve another fucking “You have reached 800” crapshit message. Maybe all you care about is money, you assholes. Change this whole plan or we’ll all switch to Globe, or you better kill yourselves…

  20. And I also noticed. I was using an LTE Pocket Wi-Fi with an LTE SIM. But that 100-500 kbps is just fucking worthless. 100kbps plus 800mb data cap = end of Smart’s internet service. Then the 800kbps-1mbps only shows up at 1-5 AM. Fuck this! Now I had to sleep at 3 AM just to experience “higher-speed” internet from Smart. Hey, guys. Any news about a new internet service provider to come in the Philippines this year? Globe and Smart sucks. PLDT’s Ultera seems to suck too. By the way, the 3mbps Ultera speed isn’t real…

  21. Smart seems to have some sort of worse monkey business. Try to compare the prices of Smart’s SurfMax to Globe’s GoSurf. I think in Globe, you can avail a 1GB package for 40php, while in Smart, you can only avail 800mb/day (only 500mb for me) at a price range of 50 to 999php. Total crap. One more downgrade, Smart and I’ll kill myself. I’m really miserable right now, man.


  22. Okay lang kahit taasan nyo ang presyo, Smart.. Basta unlimited parin. Ganun lang naman ka-simple yun e! Mag.offer kayo ng suitable sa needs ng consumers na at the same time di kayo malugi. Kasi after all samin din kayo kikita..

    Parang may galit sa “unlimited” ang Pilipinas ngayon. Pati unli rice bawal na rin.

    • Price is not an issue naman kasi basta maganda yung service. Nakakainis lang kasi ang mahal na nga, di naman worth it sa cost yung service na nakukuha namin. Lalo na kami na internet-related ang hanapbuhay.

  23. Plss blik nyu unlisurf mas mabilis p yun kaysa s surfmax wla cgnal ng data sa loob ng bhay kaylangan png lumbas at mg hanap ng cgnal d kme mkapag usap ng mama ko sa online ng ayus dhil sa bgal ng net ng surfmax d tulad ng dti sa unlisurf nkakapagusap kme ng malinaw plss blik nyu unlisurf

  24. SMART Maganda Lang pag May Unlisurf…pero nung inalis ninyo wala ng Kwenta…. Mga Mukang Pera kau…nakaka inis kayo..pag mag plan nman wala din kwenta bigla bigla din humihina signal nyo…maganda lang sa una…… Balik Nyo nlang ang UnliSurf Nyo para Mganda

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