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StarMobile To Reveal an Upcoming Smartphone on November 9

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StarMobile has something in their sleeves and it looks like its gonna be something exciting. This particular StarMobile device or devices is expected to arrive two weeks from now, Lets find out more about StarMobile’s big reveal.

The said StarMobile event tags “Join StarMobile as we bring you THE FUTURE” as well as a line that states “Its Power is now in your hands”, which actually sounds very mysterious and intriguing at the same time, since we actually don’t know what StarMobile has in their bags of tricks and they’re simply teasing us with a possibility of bringing something new to the table that might showcase a few new interesting device features.

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The new Starmobile smartphone or smartphones are  to be launched on November 9 at Monday, 9AM. For now we can expect the unexpected from StarMobile and wait out whether the new StarMobile device will stand to expectations. Please leave your comments and suggestions on what you think is StarMobile planning to deliver this November 9? Will they be bringing THE FUTURE? Hit us up on the comments section below.

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