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Samsung Innovates Faster Server Memory with MUF Tech

Samsung MUF Tech


Samsung is eyeing Molded-In-Fill (MUF) technology, as per THE ELEC report. This move underlines Samsung’s quest for innovative ways to amp up the efficiency of its memory solutions.

So, what’s MUF all about? It’s a cool technique where a material is injected between semiconductors by drilling tiny holes in their layers. This ensures a solid connection for stacked semiconductors.

Samsung uses Thermal Compression Non-Conductive Film (TC NCF) in its existing Registered Dual In-Line Memory Module (RDIMM). However, recent tests of a Mass Reflow (MR) MUF process to 3-dimensional stack (3DS) memory have shown increased throughput compared to TC NCF. Nevertheless, concerns have surfaced about the potential deterioration in physical characteristics.

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SK Hynix’s success with MUF in HBM tech caught Samsung’s eye. This epoxy resin molding compound has perks like preventing wafer warping and upping overall performance. Samsung’s even teaming up with Samsung SDI to craft its MUF compound, aiming for a custom solution.

Why does this matter? Well, Samsung is a big player in the storage semiconductor game. If they back MUF, it could become the go-to tech, changing the semiconductor landscape big time.

So, is MUF the next big thing in memory tech? Only time will tell, but Samsung’s interest sure raises eyebrows in the semiconductor world.

What could MUF mean for the future of computer memory?

Source: THE ELEC


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