Samsung Drops 256GB microSD with 800MB/s Read Speed!

samsung drops 256gb microsd with 800mb s read speed


Samsung is shaking up the tech world by sampling its cutting-edge 256GB SD Express microSD memory card, boasting a mind-blowing 800MB/s sequential read speed.

Hangu Sohn, Samsung Electronics Brand Storage Division’s global VP, hails this breakthrough for delivering SSD-like performance in a teeny-tiny package. This means your devices can now run super-smoothly with ample space, today and tomorrow.

Unlike the sluggish 104MB/s of traditional microSD cards, Samsung’s SD Express series rockets ahead with speeds up to 985MB/s!

It outpaces even SATA SSDs, hitting an impressive 800MB/s read speed, marking a 1.4-fold boost compared to regular SSDs and over four times faster than old-school UHS-1 memory cards. Thanks to Samsung’s Dynamic Thermal Guard, your card stays cool and reliable even during long sessions.

samsung 1tb uhs 1 microsd memory card

But it’s not just about speed! It’s about storage too. Samsung’s 1TB UHS-1 microSD memory card takes capacity to new heights with eight layers of cutting-edge V-NAND, delivering unmatched storage potential.

It undergoes rigorous testing, proving its mettle against water, extreme temperatures, drops, wear, X-rays, and magnets.

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