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Reddit Partners with AI Company for Content Licensing



Reddit has just sealed a $60 million yearly deal with a mysterious AI giant, granting access to its user-generated content. This move, part of Reddit’s prep for going public, is a step away from the traditional AI approach of scraping the open web without permission.

While the AI collaborator remains unnamed, it’s a hefty deal compared to OpenAI’s $5 million offer to news publishers. Apple is also rumored to be pursuing multi-year agreements with news companies, possibly worth a minimum of $50 million.

In October, Reddit reportedly threatened to block Google and Bing’s search crawlers if no training data deal with AI companies was struck. The company’s bold stance aligns with its history, successfully navigating a major protest last year following API pricing changes.

Despite a 20% YoY revenue increase in 2023, Reddit fell $200 million short of its $1 billion target. Advised to target a $5 billion valuation for its upcoming public investment in March, Reddit aims to rebound from its 2021 IPO attempt, hampered by market conditions.

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As Reddit gears up for public investment, one wonders if these strategic moves will catapult it to new heights. Can Reddit’s daring maneuvers secure its place in the competitive landscape?


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