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Older PCs Could Be Excluded from Future Windows 11 Updates



Microsoft might put the brakes on the next big Windows 11 update (known as 24H2) for super old computers. Why? Well, there is something called the POPCNT instruction, which some old CPUs don’t have.

Windows is reverting to an annual release cycle for significant versions of its platform. This means that instead of numerous smaller updates scattered throughout the year, Windows will now focus on delivering one substantial feature update annually.

What is POPCNT?

It’s a CPU trick that only showed up in CPUs around 2007-2008. So, if your computer’s brain is older than 2007, it might struggle with future Windows 11 updates.

The upcoming Version 24H2 marks a significant milestone as it will be the first to embrace USB 8.0 with 80Gbps speeds, a substantial upgrade to the USB4 standard.

Now, don’t panic if your tech is kinda modern. Microsoft already said no to installing Windows 11 on old processors, sticking to the 8th generation Intel chips or newer. Yet, the 24H2 update for Windows 11 won’t be accessible to existing users until at least September, once the update is considered fully prepared for release.

Right now, Microsoft is putting the finishing touches on the 24H2 version, scheduled to hit the tech stage by April. You can get a sneak peek by diving into the Insider Preview build of Windows 11 version 24H2 (Build 26052) via the Dev or Canary channel.



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