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PS5 VR Controllers Revealed by Sony


Sony previously announced that they have already started developing a next-gen VR headset for the PlayStation 5. Although the headset is yet to be seen, the company has already revealed what its controller would actually look like.

In the images shown, it somehow has an orb-like shape or an Italian rapier’s grip and guard. The controller is designed so that both hand sizes, big and small, can easily grip it. The controller also borrows heavily from the DualSense controller but it has new other features.

The headset can track the VR controllers with a “tracking ring” which is placed at the bottom of the controller. Sony also said that the haptic feedback system has been optimized specifically for this form factor. The L2 and R2 triggers for the DualSense have been adapted to offer a more immersive experience to the player. Similar to their PS5 counterpart, these triggers have an adaptive feature which has a small motor that can offers players game-controlled tension. This then makes weapons in-game have a different feel while playing. Also, the buttons are touch-sensitive which then allows the controller to detect where you place your thumb, index, and middle fingers.

As for the regular buttons, the VR controllers act like half a DualSense. The left controller has analog as well as triangle and square buttons. It also has the L1 and L2 triggers and a Create button. On the other hand, the right controller has another analog as well as the cross and circle. The R1 and R2 have also included as well as the Options button. For the L1 and R1, these will be labeled as “grip buttons” which would allow players to pick up in-game items.

The headset is yet to be announced, probably within the year as the target date for Sony’s next-gen PS5 VR is 2022.



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