PLDT Smart SME Nation’s Bozz Award Recognizes the Digital-wise SME’s of the New Generation

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PLDT Smart SME Nation recently concluded their first annual Bozz Awards, held last October 28. The aim of the said awarding ceremony is to highlight the respective small to medium entrepreneurs that rose above the rest, through the use of digital-oriented tools.

The highly anticipated event has partnered with the most well – known digital and media personalities, companies and organizations, which helped in recognizing the most quality-wise and digital-wise SME’s, who have gained mainstream success through their technological innovations and out-of-the-box approaches, as well as the efficiency in using the digital media. The overall objective of the event is to highlight the huge role of technology, in advancing one’s business ventures and empowering them towards immeasurable successes.

Those who came, who saw and conquered – The Digital Leaders

From hundreds of well – deserving nominees, the list was minimized, and the top 15 SME’s were introduced. The top 15 SME’s had 3 nominations for the given five categories—Boss for mobile readiness, Boss for E-commerce, Boss for Social Responsibiity, Boss for Social Media and Boss for customer service, all representing bosses or leaders of their own given categories and fortes.

Well – known wedding photographer, Mr Jason Magbanua took home the award for Boss of Social Media for his contribution on the wedding photography industry and how his work became a “thing’ of normalcy in the world of social media.

TimeFree Innovations founder, Mr Chino Atilano grabbed the award for Boss of Customer Service, which was due to their ideas in improving a  company’s queuing capability through the introduction of e-tickets, which focuses on the utility that is to be delivered on client and company interaction.

For the Boss of E-commerce, Ms Kim Lato of Kimstore was triumphant through her store’s influence on the online gadget and tech selling industry. Heavily known in their industry as a committed individual, who values her customer’s product safety and trust, as well as pioneering e-commerce in the Philippines.

Messy Bessy’s own Ms Kristine – Lopez Reyes took the Boss of Social Responsibility award, due to their committed and continuous response and assistance to the abused, jailed and trafficked young adults, which they educated and teached. The Messy and Bessy Cleaners Inc produces and sells cleaning and personal items made from non-toxic materials, highly commendable due to their love for nature and their assistance to man.

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Mobkard chairman of the board, Mr Jay Bernardo, represented their company and took home the Boss for Mobile Readiness award. MobKard is an application that mainly focuses on providing its customers with exclusive promos in real time, as they encounter a store or a restaurant. It digitalizes privileges cards and enables merchants to create flash sales in stores, for the convenience of both the customer and the merchant.

The Aftermath 

yassi pressman and josh padilla pldt smart sme nation bozz awards philippines

The night was young and our awardees had all the time to celebrate, with that, Yassie Pressman and Josh Padilla took the stage and performed their Philpop hit “edge of the world, while Eraserhead’s former frontman, Ely Buendia seals the deal for the night with a soothingly nostalgic performance.

ely buendia pldt smart sme nation bozz awards philippines

By the looks of things, it seems that this is only the beginning for the Bozz awards as it showcased great responses, not only from the said winners, but also the industries that were involved in this event. We might see this to be an annual thing and we are expecting more great things from them, which would inspire new SME’s to break the walls and lead the pack though technology and creative responses.

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