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OneUI 5 with Android 13 update is coming to Samsung Galaxy A71 and F62


For the past few weeks, Samsung has been churning out Android 13 updates left and right at a seemingly unstoppable rate, and we’re now reaching a stage where numerous new phone models get the new software on the same day.

As an illustration, two devices that haven’t yet experienced the One UI 5 upgrade based on Android 13 are now receiving it. The Galaxy A71 (4G) and the Galaxy F62 are the devices in question.

The update for the former is currently only going out in Poland. Still, as always, if no significant, apparent problems are discovered, it should quickly spread to other nations and regions (at least in Europe). A715FXXU8DVK1 is the new build number, and the upgrade includes the October 2022 security patch level. Obviously out to date, yet such is the state of affairs.

The Galaxy F62 is receiving build E625FDDU2CVK2 over in India, and this version does include the November 2022 security patch level, which is still in effect. The F62 is a Flipkart-exclusive product available only in India, therefore this rollout won’t extend to any other nations or regions.

If you’re impatient, you can proceed in the same way whether you have a Galaxy A71 in Poland (or Europe more generally) or a Galaxy F62 in India: go to Settings > Software update and tap Download and install. If you’re lucky, a gift the size of a One UI 5 might be waiting for you. If not, don’t worry; there won’t be much longer to wait—probably just a few days—before the rollouts reach all the units currently operating in the wild.



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