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Next Land Cruiser Reported to Sport 2.8L Turbo Diesel Engine

Toyota Land Cruiser Luxury SUV 2020

A new report is claiming that the next-gen Toyota Land Cruiser might opt to use a 2.8L turbo diesel over the 4.5L V8 diesel engine that it has been using in the past. While the company has yet to comment on the matter, if the report is true, then it will have the same engine as the latest Fortuner, Innova, and Hilux. The reason for the switch was not mentioned, but some reports point out to making the Toyota SUV “a bit more attractive”. 


The report further included a 3.5L V6 if the 2.8L isn’t going to be used. It’s said to be paired with a hybrid system, given the rumors that have been floating around regarding a hybrid Land Cruiser. As for the release date of the new Toyota Land Cruiser, we’ll have to wait until 2021 to see the new innards of this SUV. For now, Toyota is expected to launch a mid-year refresh of its Land Cruiser anytime this year.

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