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Mislatel of Davao’s Dennis Uy, China Telecom could be the next 3rd telco


UPDATE November 7, 2018: NTC officially declared Mislatel Consortium of Udenna Corp, Chelsea Logistics, and China Telecom joint venture is the 3rd telco player in the Philippines

NTC today has only received three bidders to become the next major telecommunication player in the Philippines. The major and leading bidder is Mislatel Consortium or partnership of Udenna Corp., Chelsea Logistics, and China Telecom, with first two names from the Uy family of Davao.

The other two bidders are PT&T and Tier One – LCS Group of Companies Consortium. The first is a very old and established telecom company in the Philippines while the second is a partnership of Tier One and Luis Chavit Singson’s company.

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There will still be documents deliberation and review to happen before NTC will announce and pick the third major telecom that should disrupt the duopoly of PLDT and Globe as well as bring more fiber connection to homes and business and deploy the 5G network nationwide.

But with a big, Chinese company backing the Udenna’s Mislatel, it looks like they are the most possible telco to be approved by the government. Stay tuned on our website and Facebook website for updates on the search for the next big telco in the Philippines.

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