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Microsoft Office 2021 will be arriving within the year


Microsoft has announced that it would be releasing the next installment of Office later this year.

In the update, Microsoft Office 2021 will be both available for Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) and macOS devices. Unlike the subscription-based Office 365, where you need to pay every year for you to have Office, this time it would be a pay-once-and-have-for-life-office suite.

Other than it would be receiving a Dark Mode, Dynamic Arrays, and XLOOKUP for Excel, there were no other details that were revealed for Office 2021.

The Office 2021 and Office LTSC (long-term servicing channel) for businesses will be both supported for five years instead of the up-until-now 7 years. A 10% price increase will be made for all Office Professional Plus and Standard along with its individual apps and will remain the same for the rest.


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