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LTO’s Online Portal: List of Traffic Violations Penalties and Sanctions

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I’m sure you can imagine that even if you already possess a driver’s license and have taken all the required steps to be able to drive on our roads legally, you’re only halfway through the process.

To be eligible for a driving license and to drive on public roads, it is essential to follow all the laws and regulations governing our nation. Nevertheless, it must be admitted that we are not perfect and that from time to time, we may make errors that may result in charges and fines.

What if we had an idea of what the possibility of fines and penalties would cost us? The good news is that they are listed on the new LTO website.

Traffic Violations and Licensing Issues in the Philippines

Driving without a valid driver’s license or conductor’s permit is illegal.

No description available.

Penalty: ₱3,000

Sanction: From the settlement of fines, the offender will be disqualified from obtaining a driver’s license or operating any motor vehicle (MV) for the remainder of the year.

Driving a motor vehicle while being convicted by a regular court of competent jurisdiction of operating a motor vehicle during the commission of a crime

Penalty: ₱10,000

Sanction: If convicted, the driver’s license will be confiscated, and upon conviction, the driver’s license will be permanently revoked, and the driver will be forever disqualified from obtaining a new driver’s license. It is the driver’s responsibility to apply for the impoundment of the motor vehicle until the court of competent jurisdiction orders that it be released after payment of fines and penalties applicable.

On conviction by the regular court of competent jurisdiction of a crime committed during arrest, the offender shall be punished accordingly.

Penalty: ₱10,000

Sanction: If an offense is committed following the payment of appropriate fines and penalties, the driver’s license will be forfeited and revoked, and they will be disqualified from obtaining another driver’s license for five years after the offense is committed. If you drive the motor vehicle in question, it will be impounded until it is released after paying the appropriate fines and penalties. A proper court of competent jurisdiction obtains that order.

If you are found guilty by a regular court of competent jurisdiction of the act of driving a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol, dangerous drugs, or equivalent substances.

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Penalty: Legally prescribed cost

Sanction: Confiscation and a 12-month suspension of driving privileges for the first offense. In the case of a second offense, the driver’s license may be permanently revoked and disqualified from obtaining a new one.

Act of reckless driving


  • ₱2,000 for the first offense
  • ₱3,000 for the second offense;
  • and ₱10,000 for the third offense


  • After the second offense has been committed, the driver’s license will be suspended for three months once the fine has been paid.
  • third offense will lead to the suspension of the driver’s license for six months from the time the penalties are paid.
  • Upon a subsequent offense, the driver’s license will be revoked.

Owners of revoked non-professional licenses are not permitted to acquire new rights within two years of the revocation date. Those who have professional driver’s licenses, on the other hand, will never be able to obtain a standard license for a vehicle.

Submitted fake documents as part of an application for issuing a driving license.

Penalty: ₱3,000

Sanction: An alarm will be set on the driver’s license. Upon payment of fines, the driver’s license will be canceled, disqualified from obtaining a new driver’s license, and prohibited from operating a motor vehicle for one year after paying fines without prejudice to criminal prosecution.

Failure to wear the seatbelt device as prescribed.

Republic act 8750 on seat belt law in the philippines: Know it, Follow it


  • For the first offense, the fine is  ₱1,000
  • while for the second offense, the fine is  ₱2,000
  • and for the third offense, the fine is  ₱5,000

Sanction: A third or subsequent offense carries the following penalty: Suspension of the license for one week from the date of payment of the fine.

The vehicle driver fails to ensure that passengers are wearing the prescribed seat belt device.

Penalty: ₱3,000 (both driver and operator for PUVs)

The failure of the rider to wear the standard protective motorcycle helmet or to fail to ensure that the back rider wears the standard protective motorcycle helmet.


  • ₱1,500 first offense
  • ₱3,000 second offense
  • ₱5,000 third offense
  • and ₱10,000 thereafter
Driving a vehicle without a valid driver’s license, registration certificate, or official receipt is a severe offense.

Penalty: ₱1,000

Furthermore, traffic rules and regulations violations are penalized for ₱1,000. These are: 


  • on intersections
  • close to the intersection (5 meters)
  • near the driveway (4 meters)
  • near a fire hydrant (4 meters)
  • on a private driveway
  • roadway side of any parked or unmoving MV
  • at any prohibited location

2. Ignoring traffic signs
3. Permitting passengers on a motor vehicle’s top or cover (truck helpers excluded)
4. Covering cargoes or freight in trucks with a canvas not provided
5. Inattention to headlights when approaching a motor vehicle
6. Parking or driving in an area not intended for traffic.
7. Hitching motorcycles, tricycles, and roller skates to motor vehicles
8. Failure to pass to the right when meeting persons or vehicles
9. Inattention to turning left at an intersection of a highway when coming from one route to another
10. Illegal overtaking
11. Overtaking at an unsafe distance
12. Cutting an overtaken vehicle
13. Failure to give way to an overtaking vehicle
14. Increasing speed when being overtaken
15. Overtaking:

  • when the left side is not visible or clear of oncoming traffic 
  • upon a crest of a grade
  • on a curve
  • at any railway grade crossing
  • at an intersection
  • on ‘men working’ or ‘caution’ sign
  • at a no-overtaking zone

16. Failure to yield the right of way
17. Failure to stop before traversing a ‘through highway’ or railroad crossing
18.Failure to yield a right of way to ambulance, police, or fire department vehicles and at a “through highway” or a “stop-intersection.”
19. Failure to give the proper signal
20. Failure to stop motor and notch handbrake of a motor vehicle when unattended
21. Unsafe towing

Police sound warning over towing unsafe loads
22. Obstructing the free passage of other vehicles on the highway while discharging or taking passengers or loading and unloading freight
23. MC carrying more passengers other than the back rider or cargo other than the saddle bags and luggage carriers
24. Refusal to render service to the public or convey a passenger to a destination (for PUVs)
25. Overcharging or undercharging of fare (for PUVs)
26. No Franchise or Certificate of Public Convenience or evidence of franchise presented during apprehension or carried inside the motor vehicle (for PUVs)
27. Fraud and falsities such as the presentation of fake and spurious CPC, OR/CR, plate, stickers, and tags
28. Operating an MV with faulty parts and accessories
29. Non-compliance with existing laws and the relevant Memorandum Circulars of the LTFRB (for PUVs)
30. Taximeters that are fast tampered with, defective, or without seals.Taxi Meter" Images – Browse 1,443 Stock Photos, Vectors, and Video | Adobe Stock31. Falsified, tampered, broken, or joint sealing wires
32. No signboards (PUVs)
33. Pickup and drop-off outside the terminal (for PUVs)
34. Unauthorized cargo haulage
35. Failure to provide a fire extinguisher and required “STOP and GO” signage for the use of each vehicle
36. A trip cutting (for PUVs)
37. Failing to display the fare matrix (for PUVs)
38. Violations of the franchise condition included in the 2011 Revised Terms and Conditions of CPC that are not otherwise stated (for PUVs)

There you have it! You can also visit the LTO Online Portal for more e-services provided.

For more information about LTO penalties, you can proceed here to learn How To Pay Your MMDA Traffic Tickets Online.

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