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LTO Prepares for LTMS Implementation

LTMS Implementation

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) is set to fully implement its Land Transport Management System (LTMS), aiming to enhance public services across its offices nationwide.

According to a memorandum dated Nov. 22 from the LTO’s Management Information Division, the complete transition to LTMS will empower the agency with control over information technology systems, reducing dependence on external IT suppliers.

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Installed by the German-led joint venture of Dermalog Identification Systems Inc. and Holy Family Printing Corp, LTMS replaces the agency’s previous privately owned IT system.


LTO chief Vigor Mendoza advocates for retaining the LTMS, highlighting its ownership and full control by the LTO.

Transitioning to LTMS ensures increased data security, privacy, and operational flexibility. Are you ready for an enhanced and independently controlled LTO system?

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