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Driver’s License Application to be stricter with driving seminars required says LTO


To keep the accident rate by human errors at a low rate, Land Transportation Office (LTO) will be undergoing major changes very soon for its Driver’s License Application process. LTO shared that the majority of the country’s road crashes come from overtaking, over-speeding, and wrong turn. Expect harder student permit application process as LTO is requiring at least 15 hours of seminar and mandatory being trained by a TESDA-certified and LTO-accredited driving instructor, instead of a family member or someone else who knows how to drive.

LTO Driver’s License New Application Process and Changes

The major change comes from the new classification system for drivers. Instead of having “Professional” and “Non-Professional” categories, the new categories include some of the following:

  • Category A: Motorcycle, Subcategories: L1-L3, dependent on the number of tires and speed
  • Category A: Tricycle, Subcategories: L4-L7, dependent on the vehicle’s speed and passenger weight

For private vehicles:

  • Category BM1: 8 seats and below
  • Category B1M2: 8 seats and up
  • Category B2N1: Delivery Trucks

For bus drivers:

  • Category D: Buses, coaches, and other passenger vehicles
  • Category BE and CE: Trailer vehicles

Additional training seminars and examinations are required for those who want to drive different types of vehicles.

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