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Loki S01E02: The Variant Review (SPOILER WARNING!)


Episode two of Loki has finally arrived after one week. It truly was awesome in various things and the cliffhangers sure made us crave for more Loki!

Also, before we go an unravel on what happened to this week’s episode, be warned, we are entering spoiler territory. So, if you haven’t watched the second episode, it is best you go and watch it now before things get spoiled and the TVA would be having a hard time resetting the Sacred Timeline.

With that said, let’s go!


This episode is entitled The Variant and it truly lives up to its title. In the last episode, we were left with the reveal that the Variant that Mobius and the TVA are hunting is another Loki Variant. This is why they took in the main timeline Loki for his help. This episode clearly explores the God of Mischief working to help capture the other Loki Variant that keeps on messing up the timeline.

As the title of this episode suggests, it tackles not just the main MCU Loki as a Variant but countless Lokis that had been captured and reset by the TVA. This also connects to the Loki Variant that is running around in the timeline, messing things around, and steal reset charges. The episode shows how Loki thinks, how he plans and commences his schemes. It all boils down to how one knows himself or herself.

The comedic tone truly matches the God of Mischief’s way of things. The serious parts as well balance out the flow of the story and beautifully explains to the audience the importance of choice and catastrophes in our life. These two coincide as it is like one coin with different sides, it cannot exist without the other.

This is the beauty of the second episode of Loki as it encapsulates that there would be always chaos and there would always be order. They exist at the same time and there we find our clarity, the glorious purpose we long for. This is what Loki is looking for and Mobius answers him beautifully.

We also get the reveal on who the other Loki Variant is. It is no other than Lady Loki, although people on the Internet call her Sylvie Loki. But whatever you call her, this answers our question on the identity of this Variant. It was also revealed in the episode what she needs the reset charges for. This is to mess up the Sacred Timeline, creating branches or time nexus that even the TVA can’t fix themselves. MCU Loki also comes with Lady Loki as she escapes and poses new questions on her motives. Also, the branched timeline offers us a whole new lot of questions on what events did she mess up.


One thing that feels off in this episode is its drama aspect. I know that the writers are doing their best in writing a dramatic and emotional scene however it was not that captivating. It didn’t have any weight on it. The scene I am referring to is when Loki found out the total number of deaths during Ragnarök. Loki starts tearing up, showing that even though he is a trickster god, he still has compassion for his people. But the scene was felt rushed and it actually didn’t feel right.


The second episode of Loki sure unlocked a lot of mysteries but gave us tons to think about. The new timeline has been disorganized, giving birth to The Multiverse of Madness. This officially raises up the ante on the chaos Lady Loki would bring to the Sacred Timeline. However, this episode may be interesting, educational, and entertaining, the dramatic aspect of the story somehow falls short that needs working.

Loki episode two entitled The Variants helps us understand better how time travel works in the MCU which is entertaining and clever. With only one notable misfire, we can give this episode a rating of…



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