Home Automotive Kawasaki Unveils Electric Ninja e-1 and Z e-1 Bikes for US Market

Kawasaki Unveils Electric Ninja e-1 and Z e-1 Bikes for US Market

Ninja e-1 and Z e-1

Esteemed Japanese motorcycle manufacturer, Kawasaki, has officially introduced the highly anticipated Kawasaki Ninja e-1 and Z e-1 electric bikes in the US market.

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Earlier glimpsed in certification documents, these models stand as electric counterparts to 150cc gasoline-powered motorcycles, drawing design inspiration from the Ninja 400 and Z400 ICE motorbikes.

In terms of specifications, both the Ninja e-1 and Z e-1 are powered by an air-cooled, interior permanent magnet synchronous motor, boasting a maximum output of 9kW. The continuous output of the electric motor stands at 6kW, accompanied by a torque of 29Nm.

These Kawasaki Ninja electric models can reach a top speed of 62mph, temporarily boosting to 54mph within 15 seconds thanks to the innovative E-boost feature, designed to provide enhanced acceleration for urban rides.

kawasaki ninja e 1
kawasaki ninja e-1

The e-bikes are equipped with a 4.3-inch TFT instrument cluster featuring various layouts, showcasing two power modes, road and eco, alongside a convenient walk mode for easy maneuverability during parking.

Notably, the walk mode allows users to move the bike forward or backward at maximum speeds of 3mph and 2mph respectively, achieved by twisting the throttle accordingly.

kawasaki ninja z e 1
kawasaki ninja z e-1

One of the highlights is the presence of two swappable Li-ion battery packs, delivering a combined range of 44 miles on a full charge. Each battery can be fully charged within 3.7 hours, reaching 20-80% charge in just 1.6 hours. Structurally, the models feature a steel trellis chassis, 41mm telescopic forks, mono-shock, and 17-inch wheels. Impressively, both the Ninja e-1 and Z e-1 weigh under 140kg, showcasing a notable weight reduction compared to their ICE counterparts.

In terms of pricing, the 2024 Kawasaki Ninja e-1 e-bike is priced at $7,599 (approx. PHP430,000), while the Z e-1 comes at a price tag of $7,299 (about PHP410,000).

For those eager to make a purchase, Kawasaki Motors USA is currently accepting orders through November 30, 2023, promising a thrilling glimpse into the future of motorcycling with these groundbreaking electric offerings.


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