How to Get Police Clearance Online: A Simple Guide for Filipinos

how to get police clearance online

You must obtain a police clearance if you are a recent graduate who has recently been recruited or if you are starting a new career after quitting your previous one.

The Philippine National Police (PNP) thankfully offers a quicker and more practical alternative for Filipinos to obtain this document, which is through an online application. There is no need to wait in line for the police for more than an hour and expose yourself to COVID-19.

Continue reading to learn how to easily obtain a police clearance in the Philippines online.

What is Police Clearance?

The National Police Clearance is a document that confirms, according to the PNP database, that the person has no criminal or adverse records.

One of the conditions for employment that job applicants typically have to provide to their company is a police clearance. In the Philippines, it is also recognized as a legitimate ID in specific situations, including applications for credit cards, NBI clearance, and national IDs.

However, police clearance is not accepted as a legitimate ID for DFA passport applications or renewals, or COMELEC voter registration.

Police Clearance Requirements in the Philippines 2022

What conditions must be met in 2022 for police clearance? Two legitimate IDs are required for the PNP clearance process. The valid IDs for police clearance online applications must comply with the following requirements:

  • Not expired
  • Original (not photocopied)
  • Has the applicant’s complete name, clear photo, and signature

When you submit an application for a police clearance, any two of the following IDs are acceptable:

  • Alien Certificate of Registration
  • LTO driver’s license
  • IBP ID
  • OFW ID
  • Passport
  • PhilHealth ID
  • Philippine Identification (Phil ID or national ID)
  • PNP ID
  • Postal ID
  • PRC license
  • School ID with registration form
  • Senior citizen ID
  • TIN ID
  • Voter’s ID

As long as you can provide a certified authentic copy of your birth certificate, the PNP will accept your single legitimate ID (with original official receipt).

How to Get Police Clearance Online

1 2For processing police clearance, the PNP employs an online system. The National Police Clearance System (NPCS), which was introduced in August 2018, is an online program that enables Filipinos countrywide to obtain a police clearance in less than 10 minutes.

The applicant must still come in person to a police station to get their biometrics taken. Prior to the implementation of this online system, a walk-in police clearance application would typically take 30 to 60 minutes.

Due to the NPCS’ connection to the PNP database, this web-based system significantly speeds up the process of confirming an applicant’s criminal history and biometric information.

Use the police clearance online appointment system to apply for a police clearance in order to benefit from its efficiency and convenience. Here are four quick procedures for obtaining an online police clearance.

1. Register for an Account via the National Police Clearance System

2 2Visit the NCPS website to begin your police clearance online registration ( Click the Register button if you’re a first-time applicant. Check all the boxes after reading the Terms and Conditions to indicate your acceptance. To proceed, click the Next button. Please click the I Agree button on the last page.

Fill out the New Applicant Registration box with the necessary information. Be sure to include a functioning email address. Click the Register button after selecting the Terms and Conditions checkbox.

An email confirmation will be sent to you by the NPCS. For a message with a link to validate your online NPCS account, check your inbox or spam folder. Select the link for verification. This will direct you to the NPCS website’s log-in page.

2. Set an Online Appointment

By entering your registered email address and password, log in to your online account. To proceed, click the Sign In button.

You must amend your profile first before scheduling an appointment for your police clearance application. To edit your profile, click the Edit Profile button and complete the required fields on the online form. Click the Save Profile button when you’re done.

Click the Clearance Application button and choose the closest police station to schedule an appointment to receive a police clearance. There will be a list of available schedules. Select the time and date you prefer (AM or PM). then press Next.

Save Appointment after selecting Land Bank of the Philippines.

Details of the police clearance online payment will be shown. Note the reference number that the system has provided. You’ll use the number to pay the charge for the police clearance.

3. Pay for the Police Clearance Fee

You can now move on to payment after you get your reference number for your police clearance.

How to Pay for Police Clearance via Landbank

To access the LBP ePayment Portal, click the Pay to LANDBANK button. You will then use your LANDBANK, GCash, or BancNet account to make an online payment using this gateway.

How to Pay for Police Clearance via GCash

You only need to input your GCash account number on the LBP payment portal to make payments for police clearances using GCash. Your transaction information and payment summary will then be displayed. Both the LANDBANK and BancNet payment alternatives follow the same procedure.

How to Pay Police Clearance via 7-11

If you don’t have GCash or a bank account, you can still pay for your police clearance via 7-11. To do so, just follow these steps:

  • Select “Cash Payment” on the LBP ePayment Portal and click “Submit”. For this payment option, the police clearance price would be ₱180 (₱ 150 for the police clearance + ₱30 convenience fee).
  • Select “7-Eleven” as your payment channel, review the payment details, and click “Proceed.”
  • Copy and save your payment reference number and pay for it via 7-Eleven’s CLiQQ mobile app. Take note that you need a CLiQQ account to proceed.
    Select “Government” from the list of billers.
  • Choose MYEGPH from the list of options, then enter your payment reference number, mobile number, and total amount.
  • Click “Confirm” and head on to the nearest 7-11 branch to pay for your police clearance by presenting the bar code on your CLiQQ app.

4. Go to Your Selected Police Station

Bring two valid IDs, your reference number, and the official receipt for your police clearance payment to the police station on the day of your appointment.

After that, your biometrics will be taken. Obtain your photo, prints, and digital signature.

A police officer will verify your application by checking your biometrics and any criminal histories stored in the PNP database. This won’t be a protracted process. Hold off on getting your police clearance until your name is called.

You will need to go through another verification procedure, nevertheless, if your application was successful. You can already claim your police clearance once it has been resolved.

Police Clearance Application FAQs

1. How long is the police clearance validity?

The validity of police clearance is six months. Each clearance bears a unique QR code that ensures its authenticity.

2. How much is the police clearance fee?

Police clearance is ₱150 plus a ₱10 transaction fee (for a total of ₱160).

3. How to renew my police clearance?

There’s no police clearance renewal in the Philippines. Once the police clearance validity period expires (after six months from release), you have to apply for a new police clearance through the NPCS. Just follow the same steps above.

4. How to verify police clearance online?

3If you wish to verify the authenticity of police clearance, you can check through the NPCS as well. On the home page, scroll down and you’ll see the section “Verify Your Clearance.”

Type in the surname on the police clearance as well as the clearance number. Tick the reCAPTCHA box and then click on Verify.

Applications for police clearance are far more effective now than they were in the past. The new online application method makes transactions easier and quicker. Therefore, follow these easy steps to obtain your police clearance online and submit all of your necessary paperwork more quickly and easily.

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