How to Download Your Data From Twitter

how to download your data from twitter

More and more Twitter employees leave their jobs after a deadline on Thursday. Elon Musk gave his employees a choice: either work in an “extremely hardcore” environment and build “a breakthrough Twitter 2.0,” or they could quit. Those who chose the second option would get paid for three months.

The New York Times said that Twitter was closing its office buildings and preventing employees from using their badges over the weekend. The announcement made people tweet “just in case” that they would move to other social media sites.

How to Get Your Twitter Information

When you download your Twitter data, you will access a file containing information about your account, including your history, activity, interests, ad data, and the apps and devices you use.

  • Navigate to the “Settings and Support” menu. On the desktop, you’ll find this option beneath the three dots on the navigation rail on the left.first 4
  • Select “Settings and Privacy” from the menu. Swipe to the right of your mobile app’s screen to access the menu on the left side of the display.second 7
  • The first option available in the settings section is “Your account.” Select this option.third 10
  • Select “Download an archive of your data” from the drop-down menu. You will be asked to enter your password once more, and you may be required to verify your identity via phone or email. fourth 3
  • Ask for a ZIP file that contains an archive of all of your data. sixth 3How to Remove Twitter Followers

Wait to anticipate receiving a file containing your previous tweets. This process could take a full day or even longer than that. When the archive is available for download, Twitter will send you a notification within the app telling you about it.

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